Bauer sucht Frau 2022: Broadcast Dates, Stream & Co. – All Season 18 Details

We’ll be starting again with Farmer Wants a Wife soon! Also in 2022, the host of the show Inka Bausė will extend a helping hand to Amor and help lonely farmers in their search for great love. Season 18’s start date has now been set. Here you can find all information about broadcast times, streams and more at a glance!

  • “Bauer sucht Frau” has been an integral part of the RTL program since 2005. The consequences are also seen later RTL+ im Stream.
  • The host of the show, Inka Bausė, helps lonely farmers to finally find love.
  • in 2022 the format will be in its 18th season. The start date is now set. Here’s all the details!

Bauer sucht Frau is finally starting again! The 18th season of the hit format is in the starting blocks and with it 17 singles looking for love. Now it’s also clear when exactly fans can expect new episodes. You can find out all about broadcast times and more here!

New episodes of Bauer sucht Frau: Season 18 airtimes

The new season will have a total of twelve episodes. Die-hard fans of BSF can look forward to a well-known streaming slot. As in previous years, 2022 will also begin on Monday evening, October 10. As usual, the series will air on RTL in prime time, every Monday and Tuesday.

Here’s an overview of broadcast dates and times:

  • Episode 1: Monday 10 October at 20:15 on RTL
  • Episode 2: Tuesday 11 October, 20:15 on RTL
  • Episode 3: Monday 17 October at 8.15pm via RTL
  • Episode 4: Tuesday 18 October 20.15 on RTL
  • Episode 5: Monday 24 October at 20:15 on RTL
  • Episode 6: Tuesday 25 October 20.15 on RTL
  • Episode 7: Monday 31 October at 20:15 on RTL
  • Episode 8: Tuesday 1 November at 8.15pm via RTL
  • Episode 9: Monday 7 November at 8.15pm via RTL
  • Episode 10: Tuesday 8 November, 20.15 on RTL
  • Episode 11: Monday 14 November, 20.15 on RTL
  • Episode 12: Tuesday 15 November at 20:15 on RTL
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The list is constantly updated in case of short-term changes to the program.

Bauer sucht Frau: Season 18 episodes streaming

There is no official announcement that the episodes of the new season of Bauer sucht Frau will be broadcast on the broadcaster’s own streaming platform RTL+. The probability that the series will be available there is high, after all, episodes from previous seasons could also be found there. If you have a premium account, you will probably be able to preview the new episode online, and later episodes will be available for replays on RTL+.

Bauer sucht Frau starts October 10: Candidates for season 18

Horse management master Loreta, (from left) Erik, Sascha, Michael, Sven, candidates
RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Many singles in the past have been thanks to the show and the host Inka Bause (53) found love for life. Many couples got married, had children or wait for this.

A total of 16 farmers and one farmer are trying their luck this year. You can find an overview of the candidates here:

Bauer sucht Frau 2022: Candidates for Season 18

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