Bauer sucht Frau International from Monday on RTL: repeat series 7, season 4 online and on TV

Another episode of the dating show Bauer sucht Frau International was televised on Monday (May 16, 2022). Didn’t see the series? You can read here,, where and how you can watch the replay of the series on TV or online.

Bauer RTL is looking for Ladies International
Image: RTL, transmitted by FUNKE program logs

Another episode of Bauer sucht Frau International was televised on Monday (May 16, 2022) at 8:15 p.m. You have a dating show RTL don’t see and still want to see season 4 series 7? Check out the RTL media library on TV Now. It offers a large number of TV deposits online as video-on-demand for streaming – and, most importantly, after the corresponding television broadcast.. You can usually find the program in the media library after it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. RTL in linear TV will not be repeated yet.

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Bauer sucht Frau International on TV: a dating show about it

Physician assistant Steffi and farmer Justin dare to take a big step: Steffi moves to Alsace with a bag and luggage. What started out as an admiration has now turned into a serious relationship, and Justin is looking forward to his new roommate. To get there properly, oyster Steffi is also starting to look for a new job; Due to its proximity to the German border, it can do so even in Germany. This is very suitable for her, as her knowledge of French is still a bit rusty. Winemaker Rolinka takes advantage of the rest of the farm week to show Frank the most beautiful places in his adopted home. During the bike ride, Rolinka gains courage and asks Franco if he would like to stay with her any longer. The 54-year-old man is very happy and shares his first kiss with a glass of wine. A few weeks later, Inca wants to see how the two of them are doing and visits the couple. After the farm week, he often visited the wine farmer’s wife and the two are already planning a common future at the Occitan winery. Ms. Martina and the asparagus grower Rüdiger are getting closer in South Africa. In order for the waiting room to remember him even after a week of trials, the Munich resident received a very special souvenir – an ostrich egg, which they both blow together. And as the grand finale, he kidnaps Martin last night to a beautiful vantage point where the two of them will be able to enjoy the sunset. Today, Felix abducts his waitress, Lady Simon, into her native village, where a Saxon woman can become deeply acquainted with Peruvian culture. Traditionally painting using natural ingredients, they are increasingly realizing how great they can work together as a team. But is a good team necessarily a good couple? Farmer Hans shows Daniel one of the cutest parts of farm life: in the morning he found several kittens that now need to be fed from a bottle. In the evening at a romantic bonfire, a 63-year-old emigrant wants to learn from her lady how she would imagine a future with him. Will Daniel dare to cross the pond and start a new life in Canada? (Source: RTL, provided by FUNKE program magazines)

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Bauer sucht Frau International on TV: all at a glance

Consequence: 7/4 season

at: RTL

Genre: Dating show

Year of manufacture: 2022

Long: 120 minutes

HD format: Yes

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