Bergdoktor Season 16 Episode 1: It Really Happens With Martin

Usually have “mountain doctor”-Fans always have to wait until mid-January to enjoy new episodes of Martin Gruber, Lilli and Co. But at Season 16 everything is different: ZDF is already showing new episodes in December! It starts on December 29, when Der Bergdoktor will be broadcast every Thursday at 20:15. And if you don’t want to wait for free-to-air TV, you can even watch Episode 1 in the broadcaster’s media library starting December 22nd and finally find out how the Grubers will be doing next.

There are many unanswered questions: For example, it is important to find out how Martin deals with the loss of Johan and Anne. The first photos from Hans Sigel’s shoot a few months ago already showed that the Alpine doctor was quite beaten. The secret of the split between Linn and her father must also be revealed. And of course, viewers also want to know if Lilli decides to study medicine after her divorce from Robert, and if Hans can keep the farm going without Anne’s help.

Now the ZDF preview and the first pictures give us an idea Episode 1!


Bergdoktor Season 16 Episode 1: Here’s What Happens to Martin, Lilli & Co!

Begrdoktor Season 16 Episode 1: Martin and Patient Karin
Bergdoktor back to work: Martin and patient Karin. Photo: ZDF / Erika Hauri

According to the description of “Paradise”, the title of the first episode, Martin took an extended break after the events of the last Bergdoktor finale and is now resuming his work as a doctor. The first case distracts him from his personal concerns: sheep farmer Alois Bachmeier suffers from Binswangen encephalopathy after several strokes. He can no longer manage his farm, so his daughter Karin comes to sell it. On the other hand, their teenage daughter Josie is strongly against it, as she lives on the farm and is doing an apprenticeship there. But Karin doesn’t want to know anything about their wishes, preferring instead to break with her past and bring Jose home. But when Karin starts getting stomachaches and skin rashes, Martin pricks up his ears: Is she suffering from the same disease as Alois?

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Begrdoktor Season 16, Episode 1: Martin and Alexander with patient Alois
Martin and Alexander examine the patient Alois. Photo: ZDF / Erika Hauri

While Martin is still trying to process Anne’s goodbye and Johan’s move, according to ZDF, Lisbeth and Hans are trying to look ahead. But this turns out to be difficult, as without Anne a quick solution must be found if Grubermilch is offered in the future. Until then, all hands that can help are urgently needed, so Lin is working together with a doctor’s assistant at Gruberhof.

Lilli also has to decide how to continue her professional activities. She wants to do an internship at a clinic. Last season, she was already considering catching up on her high school diploma and studying medicine. But when she told her then-boyfriend Robert about her thoughts, he threatened to break up with her. As for Robert: Lilli’s failed relationship with him continues to take a toll, according to the Bergdoktor trailer. She wonders if breaking up was the right thing to do. Looks like the last word hasn’t been said yet!

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