Bergdoktor star Mark Keller on the new season: ‘It’s up to me’

– Martyn, my only friend. This sentence is cult, at least in the ZDF series “Mountain doctor“. Of course, true fans know that this came from the mouth of Dr. Kahnweiler, who is excellent as always in the new season Mark Keller (57) is embodied. met the actor Cathy Hummels(34) Charity eventChristmas magic” in Munich and of course wanted to know: what we can expect Season 16which premieres on December 29?

A lot is allowed Hans Sigl (53) Of course, don’t betray your friends and colleagues. But at least this: “It’s up to my neck – Vera, I’m just saying.” Oh, that sounds like dark storm clouds in the relationship sky from Dr. Kahnweiler and Dr. Fendrich (Rebecca Immanuel, 52). Is there a third party involved? It’s still a mystery.

Watch the video above for an exclusive interview with Mark Keller.

Mark Keller: When son Aaron sings, he gets excited

Even if Mark Keller is associated with his role as a “mountain doctor”, the 57-year-old still has a completely different talent. For example, his new album “Mein kleine Glück” will be released in February 2023. A special thing: shared two songs with his eldest son Aaron (29) added. Mark is clearly proud of his offspring – although he knows how hard it is to make a name for yourself as a musician. And: “It will be even harder for him because he is my son.” But Aaron doesn’t let that get him down – why should he, with such talent. And he quickly proved it at Cathy’s event. He gave an emotional performance of “Hallelujah” and not only did he make papa Mark very emotional.

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