Berlin – Day and Night on RTL2 Stream and TV: Series 2718 from Screenplay Reality Season 12

Today, 2022. On June 20, a new series of the reality series “Berlin – Tag & Nacht” will be shown on television. You can find out where and how you can watch the Last Second episode here at Also: all other TV dates from the “Berlin – Day and Night” review.

Today, 2022. The new series “Berlin – Day and Night” will be shown on TV on June 20. If you don’t want to miss the reality series of the script, be sure to get in touch RTL2 on: 2718 series from season 12 begins (“Last Second”) 19:05 to watch. To watch digital TV: RTL2 also offers live webcasting.

“Berlin – Day and Night” Today on TV and Live with “Last Second”

After Olivia embarrassed Helen at the wedding, Dean is still angry at her. Even the weekend he spends with his family doesn’t change his bad mood. After the quarrel, Dean leaves Olivia and meets Helen. The two are kissing. Dean gets a big shock: when he comes home, the apartment burns. (Source: RTL2, transmitted by FUNKE program logs)

The most famous fallout of the FTA is Jan Leyk

Torn by critics and journalists, adored and loved by millions of television viewers: since its first broadcast in 2011, “Berlin – Day and Night” has divided the nation. The main reason for this is the documentary style of the series, which is mainly implemented by amateur actors and wants to offer the viewer a high degree of reality. However, the FTA also continues to make headlines due to alleged contracts and scandals involving actors, with only a few key players remaining. Perhaps the most famous dropout is Jan Leyk, who is now one of Germany’s most successful DJs and Facebook stars.

Chez Krömer: The new season starts on October 31

Watch shows similar to the screenplay reality series “Berlin – Day and Night” on TV today.

Are you interested in series like Berlin – Day and Night? Then we have some tips:

  • 5:05 PM by RTL Zwei “SOS – rescuers on duty”.
  • 17:30 RTL brings two “Group practice / or SAT.1 regional journals”.
  • 5.30pm, SPORT1 Lombardo Stars – Three of Lombardo.
  • 1 Saturday at 18:00 Lensen takes power.
  • At 18:00 it will be broadcast via VOX “First dates – table for two”.

“Berlin – Day and Night” 2022 June 20: “Last Second” replay online in RTL2 media library and on TV

Don’t see “Berlin – Day and Night” today at 7:05 p.m.? The RTL2 media library may be useful here. Here you will find many TV programs that you can stream online when they are streamed as video on demand. RTL2 will not be repeated on TV yet. You will usually also find the program online in the media library when it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs.

Berlin – Day and Night on TV today: all actors and last minute at a glance

With: Marcel Maurice Neue, Frank Winters, Lisa Waschke, Jacob Grünberger, Manuel Denniger, Denise Schwitalle, Laura Maack, Martin Wernicke, Alexander Freund and Lutz Schweigel

Date: 2022-06-20 (first release)

at: RTL2

Consequence: Season 2718/12 (“Last Second”)

Genre: Skripted-Reality-Serie

Year of manufacture: 2022

For a long time: 70 minutes (19:05 to 20:15)

HD format: Yes

More “Berlin – Day and Night” TV series

Find out when and where you can see more of the Berlin – Tag & Nacht TV series here:

ZDF TV Garden 2022: It will take place on September 4. In episode 16
The name of the episode (s) Series Consequence Date time Sender duration
the real face 12 2719 2022-06-21 7:05 p.m. RTL du 70 minutes
Friends forever 12 2720 2022-06-22 7:05 p.m. RTL du 70 minutes
Shocked 12 2721 2022-06-23 7:05 p.m. RTL du 70 minutes
An old friendship doesn’t rust 12 2722 2022-06-24 7:05 p.m. RTL du 70 minutes
Time to show your colors 12 2723 2022-06-27 7:05 p.m. RTL du 70 minutes

Details of the season and serial number are assigned by the respective TV stations and may differ from the name in the official series manuals.

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