Better call Saul Season 6: That’s why SPOILER had to die in Series 3

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Call 6 Saul better Season 6 surprised many of the fans of the 3rd series with the death of the main character. Netzwelt explains why such an early end had to come at the start of the season.

Better call Saul: another encounter in the desert of New Mexico

Call Saul Better: Another Clash in the New Mexico Desert (Source:

  • “Better call Saul” staff 6 will already take effect in the 3 series.
  • Breaking Bad said goodbye to the popular protagonist.
  • However, this surprisingly early death has serious causes.

Better call Saul“He always knew how to cleverly combine the unhurried pace of the story with the tremendous tension.Breaking Bad– The reports have lost their lives.

Sure, Season 6 is the finale of the big series, but series connoisseurs expect such important events in the last few episodes, rather than soon after the start of the season. So the question arises: why did Nacho die so early?

Second chance Nacho

Looking back on the story of the origin of Better Call Saul, Nach’s death really comes very late. The plan for the first series of the series was that Nacho would die after a short time and Jimmy would become Saul Goodman by the end of season 1.

Such changes in plans are not uncommon, and even Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) is expected to die after several series of Breaking Bad, but Paul’s performance has impressed writers and directors too much. The same was true with Nacho, actor Michael Mando inspired the crew and stayed with the series, even though it sometimes disappeared from the plot for longer stretches.

In fact, the character Nacho only had to exist in Better Call Saul to explain why Saul Goodman briefly mentions a certain Ignacio in Season 2 of Breaking Bad. So amazing that Nacho got into season 6.

Focus on Jimmy

But now Nach’s story is just over. It may sound harsh, but Better Call Saul was of no use to him as he became a tragic infantry between Gus Fringo and Salamanca.

All that remains is Jimmy’s story, which along with Kim wants to defeat Howard Hamlin. Here, the series has to explain what happened to Howard and Kim, as both were no longer seen in Breaking Bad. Many fans fear Kim’s death.

Gus and Mike, who both star in Breaking Bad, will also find a way to get rid of Lalo Salamanca. A lot more has to happen, so it was a good decision to give Nacho a well-rounded and emotional finale in the 3 Series.

The new Better Call Saul Season 6 Series will be available every Tuesday through May 24th Netflix., then there is a short break and we will resume the remaining episodes in July. Of course, you can find more accents an overview of our Netflix news.

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