“Boys: Season 3” is so crazy in the new series

A few days before the start of season 3 of the (anti) superhero series The Boys, a second trailer has already been released. The video gives a brief overview of the upcoming storyline and further shows that the new episodes are at least as crazy and brutal as ever.

Homeland goes crazy, a new super drug

Mirk Amazon series The boys took a break for a little over a year, and Hughie, Butcher and Co. the same amount of time has passed since the final of the second season. The boys are now working for the government, but find that they can’t overthrow Vought in this way and apparently have to get their hands dirty again.

It’s time for that, because Homelander is also coming back after a year’s break and has now obviously lost his head forever. Fortunately, The Boys acquires a new secret weapon: a super drug that gives a normal person super powers for 24 hours.

Not surprisingly, Butcher will be the first to test the new material to level the playing field against Supes. It remains to be seen whether he can actually cope with this new power.

Lots of new superheroes

In addition to many well-known characters, the announcement also features some newcomers. The Soldier Boys will be looking forward to seeing fans. Captain America’s mix is ​​embodied by Jensen Ackles. Also seen briefly: The Walking Dead actress Laurie Holden played the role of the Red Countess.

The “Boys: 3” season will start in 2022. June 3 Amazon Prime Video with three series in a row. After that, it continues every week. The eighth and final episode will be on July 8th.

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