Case for two – season 8: actors, episodes, storyline

A popular criminal series “Case for two” goes from there 2022 May 13 With four new episodes Continue. To 8 seasons Frankfurt lawyer Benni and his friend Private Detective Leo return to the screens. They solve the strangest murders that have taken place in the area and end up in dangerous situations.

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  • Are there any new series media library?
  • Why?
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In this review you will find all the information about charisma, occupation, Plot, Episodic and filming locations.

Case for Two: 8 season broadcasts

The new criminal series has a total of four episodeseveryone on Fridays to Best time me ZDF be broadcast.

Mirk broadcast dates and ether time at a glance:

  • Series 1: The Package Bomb of 2022 May 13, 8:15 p.m.
  • Series 2: Sewer Rats 2022 May 20, 8:15 p.m.
  • Series 3: “In Love with W.” 2022 May 27, 8:15 p.m.
  • Series 4: Death on Zora in 2022 June 3, 8:15 p.m.

Case for two: 8 seasons in the media library

Viewers who are constantly watching the criminal series about the lawyer and the private detective are really curious to see if four new episodes will be in the film as well. media library Available. There is good news: as usual, the movies will be broadcast ZDF media library as a stream discarded. By the way, you can meet there all follow to fourth season watch again.

Case for Two: Season 8 storyline

Solve crimes in the classics Private detective Leo Oswald and Anwalt Bennis Hornberg exciting cases around Frankfurt am Main. They are never bored because no two studies are alike. Both need sensitivity and acting qualities to resolve cases. Whether or not they have to sneak in as waiters to learn more about victim of murder to find out if they are going to the Frankfurt dungeon – the team is not too good for anyone. There are exciting cases and interesting scenes in this criminal series necessary.

Viewers react with "just dirt"

Case for Two: Season 8 episodes in the series guide

Overall four episodes Season 8 has to offer. Each episode is approx. 90 minutes. You can find out what’s going on in each series Episodic.

Series 1: The Package Bomb

Susanne Hartung fatally ripped a package bomb. Her brother Max, who allegedly received nothing in the inheritance dispute, was targeted. Is that the cause of the murder?

Series 2: Channel Rats

Benni and Leo literally get into the dungeon. Juliana Schultheiss was found dead in the sewer. She was stabbed with a knife, but no one knows why. The drama takes place at the workplace of her husband Paul. Investigators are fighting to prove his innocence.

Series 3: “With Us W.”

Kerstin Brühl found dead. With her is widow Marianne Geiger. The murder is said to have taken place during her husband’s funeral. Is it because of the controversy that just preceded Kerstin and Marianne?

Series 4: Death on Zora

Benni takes over the defense in the Zora case. Noraly van de Wal is arrested after the body was found in Osthafen. Both previously worked on the cargo ship Zora.

Attorney Benni Hornberg and Detective Leo Oswald are jointly hearing each case in Frankfurt.

Attorney Benni Hornberg and Detective Leo Oswald are jointly hearing each case in Frankfurt.
© Photo: ZDF / Christian Lüdeke

Case for Two: 8 season actors

Since the year 1981 the criminal series is a classic of German television. The actors who played the role of detective and lawyer have changed over the years. From 2014 to embody new key players Wanja Mues and Antoine Monot, Jr.. key roles. They play in each episode different actors together with key players.

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which main actor me Actors you can see here:

The role is an actor

  • Leo Oswald – Wanja Mues
  • Benjamin Hornberg – Antoine Monot Jr.
  • Claudia Strauss – Bettina Zimmermann

Case for Two: filming locations

Fans of the series are always curious to know where the production went. Because “Case for Two” is the most Frankfurt plays, …

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