Cast, air dates, transmission, schedule and location of episode 12

Youtube format 7 vs Wild is back with season 2. Here we have all details about candidates, transfer and location.

A quick explanation of the basic concept of 7 vs Wild: seven people can choose up to seven objects and are then abandoned in an unknown desert location. You have to “survive” there for seven days, provide yourself with food, protect yourself from the elements and survive the days in absolute isolation.

Of course, participants are given the opportunity to contact the rescue team, which will be on site as soon as possible, in case of emergency situations or voluntary termination of activities. The survivors film their experiences in the wilderness themselves, and highlights from each day are presented to viewers in separate episodes of the format.

However, compared to the first season of 7 vs. Wild, a few things have changed for the second season. The venue is completely different and the organizers around Fritz Meinecke have also changed the rules again. You can find out which candidates will be in the 2nd season of “7 vs. Wild”, when it will start and how the series will be broadcast here.


When did season 2 of 7 vs. Wild?

Fritz Meinecke, who created the format and posted it on his YouTube channel, revealed the start date at the end of October: it started in 2022. November 5 6 p.m. with 1 series. The next episode is currently airing twice a week.

So it continues in the crime series

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7 vs Savage Season 2 Streaming: Where to watch the survival series

Fritz Meinecke had the idea for 7 vs. Wild and always has separate episodes of the first season on Saturdays and Wednesdays. on your YouTube channel uploaded The same will happen in the second season. So the format is freely accessible worldwide via YouTube. In addition, the candidates, as well as other YouTubers and survival experts, have previously reacted to individual episodes and commented on the footage – so you can watch the episodes on other channels and in the comments if you like.

‘7 vs Wild’: Season 2 Air Dates

Broadcast dates have not changed compared to the first season. As usual, episodes will be uploaded to YouTube on Saturdays and Wednesdays at 6pm. As with the first season, the broadcast should last until the end of December. An overview of all broadcast dates can be found here:

  • Episode 1: 2022 Saturday, November 5, 6 p.m
  • Series 2: 2022 Wednesday, November 9, 6 p.m
  • Episode 3: 2022 November 12, Saturday, 6 p.m
  • Series 4: 2022 Wednesday, November 16, 6 p.m
  • Episode 5: 2022 Saturday, November 19, 6 p.m
  • Series 6: 2022 Wednesday, November 23, 6 p.m
  • Series 7: 2022 Saturday, November 26, 6 p.m
  • Series 8: 2022 Wednesday, November 30, 6 p.m
  • Series 9: 2022 December 3, Saturday, 6 p.m
  • Series 10: 2022 Wednesday, December 7, 6 p.m
  • Episode 11: in 2022 December 10, Saturday, 6 p.m
  • Episode 12: 2022 Wednesday, December 14, 6 p.m
  • Episode 13: 2022 December 17, Saturday, 6 p.m
  • Episode 14: 2022 Wednesday, December 21, 6 p.m

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