Cast sends fans a video greeting

Netflix has a surprise for all Heartstopper fans: The start of production on Season 2 has been announced with a video featuring new and familiar faces.

Heartstopper (Starts: April 22, 2022) has become the big surprise of this year’s series and won the hearts of the audience in record time. This did not go unnoticed by the streaming giant Netflix: after a short time, the green light was given for Heartstopper seasons 2 and 3. Finally, the first update for the sequel was released. The video confirmed that season 2, starring Kit Connor and Joe Locke, has officially begun production. The actors confirmed this while congratulating the eagerly waiting fans.

Bonjour Heartstopper!

In the 41-second video, actors from “Heart Stopper” with pleasure to the camera, jump into each other’s arms or jokingly. Attentive fans will immediately notice that there are quite a few new faces among the cast. Newcomers include Jack Barton – who plays Nick’s older brother David – and Leila Khan, who plays Sahara Zahid from The Alice Oseman Graphic Novels* body In a video, the cast confirms the start of production. Filming will soon begin on new episodes that will bring the teens to Paris, as confirmed by Conner’s French greeting in the video.

Here’s what’s in store for season 2

The heartstopper season 2 template is Volume 2 of the graphic novel of the same name* by Alice Oseman. What can we expect in the new series? The second book focuses on a big school trip to Paris, but fans should be prepared for darker plots as well. This includes, among other things, Nick’s homophobic brother David, but above all the psychological problems that Charlie struggles with, which are also a test for his friend Nick.

These are the season 12 hosts

Nick loves Charlie

Heartstopper is a Netflix series about a estranged teenager named Charlie (Joe Locke) who falls in love with his classmate Nick (Kit Connor). Due to various misunderstandings, he fears that his feelings for Nick will not be reciprocated. The truth is that the kind-hearted rugby player has to face his own sexuality when he realizes that he has more than just friendship with Charlie. Season 1 of Heartstopper premiered in 2022. April 22, it consists of eight episodes.

Did you spot the hidden episode?

Alice Oseman has initial ideas for Season 2

Olivia Colman’s casting remained a secret until the very end

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