Celebrity Divorce Season 2 Surprise: YOU!

The first former couples for Season 2 outside “Celebrity Unplugged” were published!

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Reality debut “Obviously separated – the villa of the exes” celebrated great success at the beginning. to “Star Summer Home”variant – only with ex-couples – will continue next year with Season 2. And so much has already been said: it will probably be just in name “Temptation Island” stand…

‘Celebrity Divorce’ Season 2: These Couples Are In!

The second season of The Bright Divorce has just begun filming, and anticipation for the reality format featuring high-profile ex-couples is already building. They compete against each other not only to take home the big cash prize at the end, but maybe even revive their failed relationships. Will there be some sort of reconciliation or will we see the reality stars at loggerheads? The first three famous couples have at least one thing in common: they all went through the ultimate test of fidelity on Temptation Island — only it didn’t seem to work.

Celebrity Split Season 2 with Gloria and Nicola Glumac

Gloria (30) and her husband Nicola Glumac (26) are still relatively new to the reality business. In this year’s Temptation Island, the two put their marriage to the test. The rags flew so much that her great love could not withstand the pressure. While Gloria insulted and belittled her husband on the trip, he hurt his former love with a foreign flirtation. There is still hope that love will return.

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“Clearly Separated” Season 2 with Kate Merlan and Jakub Merlan-Jarecki

Kate Merlan (Star Cottage, Reality Star Wars, 35) and soccer player Jakub Merlan-Jarecki, 27, have a smooth on/off conversation. Sometimes they love each other, sometimes they have the biggest mud fight on social media. Being on Temptation Island VIP that year actually brought them a happy ending, but it didn’t seem to last long and their marriage broke up after less than a year. Is there still hope for Kitty Kat and her lover?

Also interesting:

“Clearly Separated” Season 2 with Marlisa Rudzio and Fabio De Pasquale

The pair also made their reality debut on Temptation Island, appearing as a couple from the penultimate season. Participating in the #CoupleChallenge made the blonde and seductive Italian even more welded, but the happiness of love did not last long. Fabio (28) at least in this year’s Are You Alone? – reality stars in love” tried to find their perfect match in the season – maybe it’s Marlisa (33) after all? It is still interesting to see which other couples will also do the experiment …

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Season 2 of Prominent Separated will start in 2023 on RTL. in the spring The first season can be streamed on RTLplus!*

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