Chess club Lehrte won the youth league season and enters the German championship


Last weekend saw the last two days of the Nordic Chess Youth League North. The Chess Club (SK) Lehrte, as the mid-season leader, had to do so against the nominally weaker teams of the Hagen Chess Club and Rochade Magdeburg.

On Saturday, the team around the newly crowned German U25 champion FIDE champion Nico Stelmaszyk, U25 vice-champion Thore Meiwes, John Dornieden, Philip Reimer, Anton Weigand and Nils Haselhorst managed to win 5: 1 against Hagen, at least on paper. Nils Haselhorst got a lesson from a theoretically clearly inferior opponent and lost. Thore Meiwes, meanwhile, also played against the opponent in the wall, but managed to flip the game and eventually won comfortably.

Leon Niemann occupied Nils Haselhorst against Rochade Magdeburg on Sunday. FIDE champion Nico Stelmaszyk and Jonas Dornieden won their games early. Other victories by Philip Reimer, Anton Weigand and Leon Niemann resulted in a 5.5: 0.5 victory over Magdeburg. Only Thore Meiwes lost half a point on the board.

Thanks to two victories, the Lehrter team was able to win their season in the youth Bundesliga for the sixth time since their promotion and advance to the German U20 Club Championship, which will take place at the end of the year. To this end, SK Lehrte invests a lot of time and effort in youth work in the form of training and tournaments. The youth Bundesliga team has been intensively coached for a year by Grandmaster Dmitry Kollars, currently the fifth best German player in the world to realize the dream of a German championship. SK Lehrte is funded by the Lower Saxony Lottery Sports Foundation, without which intensive training and support for the youth team would not be possible.

The new season will again be filmed in Australia

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