‘Clearly Divorced’: These ex-couples are in their second season

“Clearly Separated – Villa of Exiles” (RTL+) enters the next stage. The second season is currently filming in Cape Town, South Africa. The station has Friday announced that the first three celebrity ex-couples move into a mansion together to find out if time has healed all wounds or if jealousy and strife still reign supreme. Which of the couples will be able to come together, trust each other and fight together despite the separation?

These pairs are

Ex-couples taking up the challenge are Kate Merlan, 35, and Jakub Merlan-Jarecki, 27. The professional soccer player from Cologne and the tattoo model became a couple in 2020 and the wedding bells rang in 2021. However, the marriage collapsed after less than a year due to Jacob’s alleged excess of wild partying; Kate announced her separation in September. Maybe they’ll settle with the “Exclusives”?

And this couple could also reunite in the villa: curvy model Marlisa Rudzio (33) and Fabio De Pasquale (28). They split earlier this year. “We were like fat and stupid,” describes Fabio himself and his ex today. But she says he always wanted to change her, and now clarifies, “I just can’t trust that man.”

Gloria (30) and Nikola Glumac (26) registered as the third couple. This couple already failed the “Island of Temptations” loyalty test and went their separate ways. However, they cannot accept the thought of a failed marriage. Gloria wants Nikola to understand that in 2021 he hurt her badly on the island of temptation. Conversely, Nikola no longer wants to be insulted and wants Gloria to change her “prison ways.”

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The reality show is scheduled to appear in the spring of 2023 on RTL+ is planned.

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