Cobra Kai: Will Jaden Smith Star in Netflix Series Season 6? This theory makes it possible

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Will Jaden Smith return as Dre Parker from 2010 in Cobra Kai Season 6? Karate Kid launch? After Season 5, here’s a great opportunity!

Karate Kid: Will Jaden Smith in "Cobra Kai" appear?

Karate Kid: Will Jaden Smith Appear in Kobra Kai? (Source:

  • Cobra Kai may bring back an old acquaintance in Season 6.
  • Jaden Smith’s appearance would tie the Karate Kid franchise back to 2010. by restarting.
  • Sekai Takai would be a great place for karate professionals to gather.

First Terry Silver, now Mike Barnes and Jessica Andrews – producers of the filmCobra Kai“bring it in Netflix– Bring every surviving character from the Karate Kid movies back to Reseda. But what’s left for Season 6? Sure, Hillary Swank from The Next Generation Karate Kid has to make an appearance, but in 2010 The Karate Kid also has characters that could return to Kobra Kai.

First of all, Dre Parker, played by Jaden Smith, played Daniel LaRusso in the reboot. Although in 2010 The Karate Kid is actually a remake and therefore not part of the cinematic universe of the old movies, since all the characters have different names, it cannot be ruled out that the events of The Karate Kid are still the same 26 years later, set in China.

Now, 12 years later, Dre Parker can still be a passionate karate fighter, whether in China or anywhere else in the world. But by now, if Dre just showed up in the Valley and joined Daniel or Johnny, it would have been too much of a coincidence.

Kung Fu Kid

Even if in 2010 The Karate Kid movie actually sticks pretty closely to the original, with one major difference: Dre Parker doesn’t learn karate, but kung fu. Why is the movie still called The Karate Kid? No one knows! Cobra Kai should explain why Dre became a karate fighter. Because even if several martial arts meet in Sekai Takai, karate would hardly fight against kung fu fighters.

However, Cobra Kai Season 6 offers the perfect opportunity to combine the worlds of The Karate Kid (1984) and The Karate Kid (2010): the Sekai-Takai Tournament. Sekai Takai was first mentioned in Season 5, so it’s almost certain that this international clash of the best dojos will play a role in Season 6.

But it would be a little boring if Miguel, Sam, Robby and Co. just fought unknown fighters from unknown dojos. So Kobra Kai Season 6 has to introduce new characters or bring back an old acquaintance with Dre Parker.

In theory, Sekai Takai could take place anywhere, including Beijing, where The Karate Kid has been playing since 2010. Jaden Smith is now 24 years old and Sam’s actress Mary Mouser is already 26 years old and that doesn’t stop her from playing a girl around 18 years old. So Dre Parker would certainly still be a potential karate student, but from which dojo?

In The Karate Kid, Dre was the apprentice of Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), a new version of Mr. Miyagi. In theory, Mr. Han could also star in Cobra Kai, but it is doubtful whether Jackie Chan would be interested in returning. A lot of time has passed so Mr. Han may be dead or Dre joined the new dojo for some other reason.

But would it be a “bad” dojo so we can keep our fingers crossed for past Cobra Kai heroes and heroines, or does it get interesting because we’re introduced to an exciting new dojo and suddenly it’s no longer clear who will win the cause?

Either way, the change in scenery brought about by Sekai Takai and the tournament presents a perfect opportunity for Jaden Smith’s Dre Parker to return. In theory, Julie Pierce, aka Hillary Swank, could also appear here, possibly in the lead role.

For now, of course, Cobra Kai Season 6 needs to be confirmed first, but a sequel is likely. What to Expect in Season 6reveals Netzwelt. You can also check us out upcoming innovations on Netflix.

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