Cologne 50667 on RTL2 Live and TV: Episode 2447 of Season 11 of the scripted reality series

Today, 2022 On September 12, a new episode of the reality series Cologne 50667 will air on television. You can find out where and how you can watch the Sorgenkinder series here at Also: all other TV dates from Cologne 50667 in review.

The new series will be shown in 2022. September 12Cologne 50667” on TV. You really don’t want to miss a scripted reality series on TV? Then you should catch up RTL2 on: Season 11 Episode 2447 (Soaring Children) starts all over again 18:05 to watch. To watch TV online: RTL2 also offers live streaming on the Internet.

Cologne 50667 today on live stream and TV: about Sorgenkinder

Kaspar stands at Leonie’s door in the morning and asks her to look after his daughter Sherin. He has to quickly fill in a colleague at the hospital. Leonie is a bit surprised, but immediately agrees. She likes to spend time with the little ones. But the day takes a terrible turn when Sherin suddenly disappears while playing hide and seek. Leonie thinks she has left the apartment. A desperate search begins. (Source: RTL2, relayed by FUNKE program logs)

Watch shows like the reality series Köln 50667 on TV today.

Are you interested in series like Cologne 50667? Then we have some tips:

  • At 17:00 it is open on Saturday 1 “Lensen takes over”.
  • 1 Saturday at 5:00 p.m “Between Tulle and Tears”.

Watch Cologne 50667 online: RTL2 media library and repeat on TV

Can’t see Cologne 50667 today at 18:05? Just take a look at the RTL2 media library. There you’ll find tons of post-broadcast TV coverage online as video-on-demand for streaming. It will not be repeated on TV on RTL2 yet. You will also usually find the program online in the media library when it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs.

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Cologne 50667 on TV: All Sorgenkinder cast and info at a glance

With: Christoph Oberheide, Pia Tillmann, Diana Schneider, Jay Sirtl, Carolina Noeding, Daniel Peukmann, Sophie Imelmann, Marcel Thorwesten, Jiena Viduka and Amanda Bella Ciss

Datum: 12/09/2022 (first show)

address: RTL2

Consequence: 2447 / Season 11 (“Problem Kids”)

Genre: Scripted-Reality-Serie

Year of manufacture: 2022

For a long time: 60 minutes (from 18:05 to 19:05)

in HD format: Yes

More episodes of Cologne 50667 on TV

Find out when and where you can watch more episodes of Köln 50667 on TV here:

Title of episode(s). Series Consequence Datum time Sender duration
Trouble maker on board 11 2448 13/09/2022 6:05 p.m RTL du 60 minutes
Like animals 11 2449 14/09/2022 6:05 p.m RTL du 60 minutes
the dream was shattered 11 2450 15/09/2022 6:05 p.m RTL du 60 minutes
There’s always trouble with love 11 2451 16/09/2022 6:05 p.m RTL du 60 minutes
disasters never come alone 11 2452 19/09/2022 6:05 p.m RTL du 60 minutes

Season information and episode numbers are assigned by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the nomenclature in the official episode guides.

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