Controversy escalated in the new season of “Star Summer Home”.

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Eight couples will move into the “star bungalow” in 2022. It really hits in front of the cameras. In the preview clip, you can see Sascha Mölders’ collar breaking, among other things.

Bocholt – 2022 September 7 “Star Summer Home” will begin its seventh season. A colorful mix of celebrities is once again heading to the Bocholt farm. In advance While some fans complained about No-Name-Z-Celebrities, however, candidates should provide some entertainment potential. The preview clip makes it clear: there is scolding, crying, arguments and screaming.

Eight couples are moving into the “star bungalow” – stress is inevitable

Draws eight pairs “Star Summer House” candidate a: Kader Loth and Ismet Atli, former soccer professional Mario Basler and Doris Büld, Bauer sucht Frau couple Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer, DSDS cult candidate Cosimo Citiolo with Nathalie Gaus, former Celebrity Big Brother candidate Eric Sindermann with Katharina Hambuechen, YouTubers Marcel Dähne and Lisa Wienberger, Sascha and Ivonne Mölders and AWZZ . Stephen Dürr with his wife Katharina.

“Star Summer House” 2022 candidates of the season. © RTL/Stefan Gregorowius

As the season is pre-produced, RTL keeps showing fans little snippets of what to expect in the new season. The naughty pool party is already visible in the press photos, where some guys drop their pants. In the latest preview clip, you can see, among other things, a few seconds of the games the couples have to play together: Antonia Hemmer tearfully accuses her boyfriend Patrick Romer: “Why do I always have to do this just for you?”

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Six winning couples have already secured a €50,000 prize over the years

– Lars Steinhöfel and Dominik Schmitt won in 2021

– 2020 Caro and Andreas Robens

– 2019 Elena Mir and Mike Heiter

– 2018 Uwe and Iris Abel

– in 2017 Nico Schwartz and Saskia Atzerodt

– 2016 Xenia Princess of Saxony and Rajab Hassan

Hallucinations and delusions: celebrities battle it out in the “star bungalow”

In addition to internal relationship crises, each other’s suffering is not spared. “Hey! Hey boy shut up now!” said Sascha Mölders. The addressee is unclear. “I think you’re hallucinating,” shouts one of the women in one scene. And Mario Basler points out: “I just want to open your eyes to the fact that they are completely kidding us!”

Some fans may not recognize their celebrities in such scenes. Antonia Hemmer was convinced of this in a completely different way: “Star Summer House” candidate Antonia Hemmer showed her old photos before the start of the show. Used sources: Instagram/dassommerhausderstars.rtl, RTL/Das Sommerhaus der Stars

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