“Delicious Tuscany” on Arte in live stream and TV: Episode 1 of the documentary series

Today, May 15th, 2022, “Delicious Tuscany” is on TV. Read here when and where you can watch the documentary series with “On the Coast”. Also: All information about the live stream and the repetition as well as an overview of the upcoming TV dates of “Delicious Tuscany”.

Delicious Tuscany at Arte
Image: Arte, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines

On May 15th, 2022 there will be “Delicious Tuscany” on TV. In order not to miss the documentary series, you should register in good time Art switch on: The program (“On the Coast”) will be broadcast there 18:25 watch aired. For those who prefer to watch TV online: Arte also offers a live stream online.

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“Delicious Tuscany” today in the live stream and TV: That’s what “On the Coast” is about

At the Mercato Centrale in Livorno, the fish market right by the port, Simone Bocca and his girlfriend Elena are looking for the best catch of the day. Various crustaceans, bone fish and mussels – all of this belongs freshly caught in the Cacciucco Livornese. Almost ten kilometers of sea separate the mainland from Elba. The island is located in a large marine reserve, the Arcipelago Toscano. Chef and expert on Tuscan food culture Alvaro Claudi dines with his student Michele Nardi. Cappon di Galera is served: a cold bread soup with anchovies, tuna, onions, raisins, eggs, pine nuts and capers. Head south to the island of Giglio. Here the brothers Simone and Giovanni Rossi harvest Ansonica grapes on steep mountain slopes. Because of the steep incline, no machines are used. Viticoltura eroica, “heroic viticulture”, is what people call their work, which requires a lot of effort for little profit. After the harvest, you can enjoy the panoramic view in the vineyard with a cold sip of white wine and fig bread. In front of the Gulf of Talamone, Paolo Fanciulli is already on the move at sunrise. The fisherman’s mission is to protect the Maremma coast from illegal trawling. He is supported by artists from all over the world for his latest project: La Casa dei Pesci, the house of the fish. In a kind of underwater museum, fish and other sea creatures find protected spawning grounds. Also thanks to Paolo’s initiatives, some dolphins have even returned to the region. (Source: Arte, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

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Watch shows similar to the documentary series “Delicious Tuscany” on TV today

Interested in shows like Delicious Tuscany? Then we have another tip for you:

  • At 8:15 p.m. it will be broadcast on VOX “Grill the Henssler”.

See “Delicious Tuscany” online: Arte media library and repeat on TV

You won’t be able to watch “Delicious Tuscany” at 6:25 p.m. today? Just take a look at the Arte media library. There you will find numerous TV reports after the broadcast online as video on demand for streaming. Unfortunately, Arte on TV will not be repeated for the time being. As a rule, you will also find the program online after it has been broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments.

All information about “Delicious Tuscany” on TV today

Datum: 15.5.2022

at: Art

Consequence: 1 (“On the Coast”)

theme: On the coast

year of production: 2020

Long: 30 minutes (From 18:25 to 18:55)

In HD: Yes

More episodes of “Delicious Tuscany” on TV

You can find out when and where you can watch more episodes of “Delicious Tuscany” on TV here:

Title of episode(s) Series Consequence Datum time Sender duration
In the heart of the country 1 3 21.5.2022 11:00 o’clock Art 25 minutes
In the mountains 1 2 22.5.2022 6:25 p.m Art 30 minutes

The information on the season and the episode number is assigned by the respective TV broadcaster and may differ from the designation in the official episode guides.

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