Der Bergdoktor star Ronja Forcher: The video shows big changes

“Mountain Doctor” will begin its 16th season in a few weeks. You have now Ronja Forcher the first details about the new episodes have been revealed.

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Countdown to the new beginning “Mountain Doctor”– The relay is on! The first new episode will air on Thursday, December 29 at 8:15 p.m. After that, the next episode of the 16th season will be available every Thursday on ZDF.

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Der Bergdoktor: This is how season 16 begins

ZDF has already published information about the first episode: the station’s website says that the mountain doctor, who separated from Anne and said goodbye to Franziska, took a longer break and is now working as a doctor again. His first case was Alois Bachmeier, a sheep farmer who suffered from Binswanger encephalopathy after several strokes. Result: he has to quit working on his farm.!–startfragment–>

Also interesting:

His daughter Katrin now wants to sell the farm, but daughter Katrin is against it because it is her home and she is even doing an apprenticeship there. When Karin suddenly starts having stomach pains and a rash, Martin has a suspicion: is she suffering from the same disease as Alois? Also, Lilli wonders if breaking up with Robert was the right decision and Lisbeth and Hans fight for the future of Gruberhof.!–end–>!–startfragment–>

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Ronja Forcher shows the changes in season 16

Aside from this episode 1 preview, not much is known about the plot of the new season. Now, actress Ronja Forcher, who plays Lili, has dropped a little spoiler on Instagram: her character’s home will be getting a big change, as seen in the first stills from her story.

Ronja Forcher provides a little insight. Photo: Instagram / Ronja Forcher

“Lilli’s room finally got a new look after 10 years. But you shouldn’t see it until next year in season 16,” the actress says, panning the camera very briefly around the room. The fans don’t see much, but the new bed and parts of the room can be seen faintly. The audience will have to be patient until the actual scenery is revealed.

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