Der Bergdoktor: The new season starts before Christmas – so it continues

Der Bergdoktor finally enters the next phase in December. Fans of the ZDF hit series are in for eight new episodes and the first details about the season opener are already known.

The first episode of the 16th season, Paradies, will be available for streaming in the ZDF media library from 2022. December 22 From 2022 December 29 ZDF will televise the new eight episodes as usual on Thursdays at 20:15.

The continuation of the series with full-length episodes is eagerly awaited – after all, the 15th season ended in March with a not-so-happy ending and many question marks. Franziska (Simone Hanselmann) divorced shortly after the birth of her son Johan, the second Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl) to New York and Anne (Ines Lutz), the partner of the “mountain doctor”, left Gruber-Hof with the finale.

This is what the new episodes of “Bergdoktor” are about

Martin Gruber is single (once again), but anyone who has followed the show for a long time (on ZDF since 2008) knows that the Ellmau philanderer is not someone who likes to go through life alone. But before diving into the new novel, the Doctor has a lot to do in the season opener. His new patient, Alois Bachmeier, has multi-infarct dementia. Granddaughter Josephine (Lieselotte Voß) wants to take care of a sheep farmer and his farm. When her mother Karin suddenly developed symptoms of Binswangen encephalopathy, Martin Gruber pricked up his ears. The first case of a patient after a long break distracts Martin from his personal worries.

Since Anne has disappeared after the breakup, the doctor’s assistant Lina supports Hans Gruberhof. Lilli Gruber informs her parents that she will be doing an internship at the clinic. She was in contact with Dr. Vera Fendrich because she wanted to base her considerations about high school and medical school on new experiences and was accepted. While Martin tries to come to terms with Anne’s departure and the fact that his son Johann lives in the US with Franziska, the farm needs a quick solution to canning Gruber’s milk, as Hans has financial problems on the farm.

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As if that weren’t complicated enough, Caro (Barbara Lanz) and Rolf Pfluger (Wolfram Berger), the sister and father of Hans’ dead wife, also show up – and have a long-kept secret in their luggage.

Der Bergdoktor: from 2022 December 29 every Thursday on ZDF, the first new episode of Paradies from December 22. in the ZDF media library.

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