Details for Heidi Klum’s new season of Germany’s Next Top Model have been released – Cinema and TV

Fans of the show won’t have to wait long until Heidi Klum, 49, is on the hunt for Germany’s Next Top Model. This is the 18th time the show is flashing on the screens and this time too there will be a change. The concept was already revisited last season and is supposed to be more inclusive, adding curvier, older or smaller women who don’t fit the fashion stereotype to the show.

But model mom Heidi Klum has had to deal with some criticism, partly because Lou-Anne, 19, finally won over a very ordinary candidate. What will Heidi do differently in 2023? Some details have already been leaked. For example, we already know that there will be some guest jurors at the party, such as photographer Rankin, 56, as well as Thomas Hayo, 53, who, as a well-known face of GNTM, has been a member of the jury several times. times judged young models with Heidi Klum. However, there is a novelty in terms of location, because the next season, unlike before, will not start in Germany.

Click the video above to find out where season 18 picks up instead and what else is known about Germany’s Next Top Model in 2023.

Heidi Klum could imagine a child with her husband Tom Kaulitz

Regardless of her successful performance, it could hardly be better for a private top model. Recently, she even revealed that she could even imagine having a child with husband Tom Kaulitz (33). She told The Sun: “I mean, wanting it and actually doing it are always two different things,” she explained, adding: “The Big 50 is just around the corner. And it gets harder as you get older. But would I want it? Sometimes I think so.” It seems that the love between the two is as strong as ever.

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