Diana Actress For Fear Season 5 –

Fans of The Crown can’t wait for Season 5 to hit Netflix. Diana actress Elizabeth Debicki is nervous!

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It should be a great finale. Netflix’s The Crown has followed the history of Britain’s royal family for four seasons so far. In particular, Queen Elizabeth II († 96) was the focus of the first episode. However, one plot or another was also devoted to her husband Prince († 100) and her children and other relatives. Season 4 was finally about the Queen of Hearts: the tragic love affair between Lady Diana and Prince Charles was discussed.

The Crown: Season 5 premieres on November 9. – Diana’s actress Elizabeth Debicki looks nervous

Season 5, which was also supposed to feature Diana’s death, created a sensation before it even aired. Some critics felt it was too traumatizing for the royals with the gruesome photos of the princess’s accident. Others doubted the authenticity of what was shown in advance. Diana’s actress Elizabeth Debicki can only shake her head. “There is now an additional note of ‘fictional.’ So we can stop talking about it and move on,” she said in an interview with Britain’s Radio Times magazine.

But in the interview, the 32-year-old’s exceptional talent also revealed a little secret: she actually did not dare to portray Diana at all. “It feels insurmountable until the scripts are submitted and the whole process begins,” she began. He continued: “I said, ‘I can’t do it.’ I don’t know how to do it. The pressure was immense.”

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It can be assumed that Elizabeth Debicki also feels fear before the premiere of the new episodes of “The Crown”. After all, the plot of the 5th season of the Netflix series is more than explosive. In addition to the romance between Lady Di and Prince Charles (Dominic West), there is also talk of Diana’s scandalous interview with the BBC and the death of her then 36-year-old husband. Almost all critics agree on one thing: Elizabeth Debicki did a great job portraying Diana and portrayed the ups and downs of the princess with courage.

The Crown Season 5 in Germany will begin in 2022. November 9 9 o’clock via Netflix.

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