Did you miss Write Story on Saturday at Arte ?: Repeating the History Magazine Online and on TV

On Saturday (May 14, 2022), the history magazine “Writing History” was shown on television. All information about repetition “The gods of the house in ancient Rome – the great brother of ancient times? You can read online in the media library and on TV here at news.de.

Writing a story in Arte.
Image: Arte, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, 10.10 “Writing a Story” was televised. You have a history magazine with you Art I do not see and still want to see the 34 Season 2 series (“House Gods in Ancient Rome – Big Brother of Ancient?”)? Take a look at the Arte media library. It offers a large number of TV deposits online as video-on-demand for streaming – and, most importantly, after the corresponding television broadcast.. You can usually find the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments. Unfortunately, Arte will not show it on traditional TV anymore.

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“Writing a story” on television: about it is “The gods of the house in ancient Rome – the great brother of ancient times?”.

They should protect the homes of Roman citizens from damage: Lares and Penates, protecting the family spirit. In order to ask for the good will of the gods of the house, the family prayed daily in front of the house shrine, the so-called lararium. In addition to the gods of private houses, there were Lares publici who had to guard entire towns, squares and intersections. Video surveillance systems can now be found where the guard gods once stood – coincidence or modern expression of primary need? (Source: Arte, published by FUNKE program magazines)

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“Writing a story” on TV: all the information at a glance

Consequence: Season 34/2 (“Household gods in ancient Rome – the great brother of ancient times?”)

theme: Household Gods in Ancient Rome – Big Ancient Brother?

at: str

Year of manufacture: 2022

Long: 30 minutes

HD format: Yes

Other “Writing a Story” TV series

Read when and where you can watch more Writing Stories series:

The name of the episode (s) Series Consequence Date time Sender duration
The Crucified – a Christian mascot? 2 30 2022-05-16 6:50 p.m. Art 20 minutes
Mechanical duck – the art of automatons in the 18th century 2 35 2022-05-21 10:00 a.m. Art 60 minutes

(Details of the season and serial number are provided by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the title in the official series guides)

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