Dieter Bohlen reveals the innovations of the last season

Dieter Bohlen was last "DSDS"The season was brought from RTL.

Dieter Bohlen was brought back by RTL for the very last season of DSDS. Bild: imago images / Future Image

The starting signal has dropped for the (probably) final season of DSDS. Two months ago, RTL had to report two surprising pieces of news about Deutschland sucht den Superstar: The talent show returns for its 20th season Dieter Bohlen returned to the position of Chief Justice after a one-year break. In addition, DSDS is expected to be canceled after the 2023 season.

It gradually became clear who would sit next to Dieter Bohlen in the anniversary season: Pietro Lombardi from 2011. was the DSDS winner. This is already his third task as a jury after 2019 and 2020. In addition, singers Leony and Katja Krasavice make their debut as a jury in Deutschland sucht den Superstar. Over the weekend, the quartet was appointed to the DSDS jury for the first time.

Pietro Lombardi, Leony and Katja Krasavice are looking forward to DSDS

To Cologne goes Journey los: from Saturday to Monday, the first auditions are held there. Pietro said of the cathedral city as the starting point for the upcoming edition of DSDS RTL:

“The venue for the first 20th and final DSDS season is a very special place for me, and not just because of the view of Cologne Cathedral: it’s where I had my audition eleven years ago.

This is where it all started for him life completely changed, he explains, adding: “To sit here today, next to my friend Dieter, Katja and Leony is just incredible. Leony adds in this context: “I’m a little nervous and at the same time looking forward to the candidates. I’m really looking forward to the time!” Katja also emphasized that she really enjoyed her time.

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Dieter Bohlen announces important news

Dieter Bohlen talks Instagram from the sewing box and tells that the mask “lasts only ten minutes” on him. Both Women makeup and wardrobe would take much longer, Dieter claims.

To this he says: “I think Katja gets up a day earlier. With colorful hair and stuff. It takes hours. And so does Leony. Hours and hours.” Although his colleagues would look great, but at the same time he feels sorry for both of them:

“Poor, poor girls.”

Dieter Bohlen prepared another surprise on the video and video platform at the beginning of the DSDS selection. First, he teases that DSDS is a “wonderful sensation” that has never been seen before. He then reveals: The DSDS winner is coming with me on my grand tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland!”

“Isn’t it cool? Well, now it’s even more worthwhile: apply to DSDS and come to free auditions,” is his address to his community.


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