Disney+: New episodes of ‘Big Sky’ and comedy ‘Garbage’ now available

The third season of the crime series begins "Deadly Paths"
The main characters in the third season of “Big Sky”.
Disney+: New episodes "Big sky" and comedy "Everything is trash" henceforth/ABC

Today, Wednesday (Dec. 21), Disney+ added two more seasons of shows to its lineup without warning. On the one hand, with the release of the third season of the crime drama “Big Sky” started, from which a new episode will be offered every week. On the other hand, the entire first season of the comedy series “Everything is rubbish” announced – the series has already been canceled in the US after these ten episodes.

Big sky

The third season of “Big Sky” has been live in the US since last September. Jenny Hoyt (Katherine Winnick) and Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) must be in the new season to show subtitles Deadly Paths (“Deadly Paths/Hiking Trails”), among other things, deals with his past. Jensen Ackles ( “Supernatural”), who appeared as Beau Arlen at the end of the second season, joins the plot as an interim sheriff.

Jenny and Beau work on a missing mountain hiker. They cross paths with Sunny Barnes (New Lead: Country Stars Reba McEntire), in the territory of which there is a store for outdoor needs and service Sunny day excursions works Both investigators soon learn that the current case is not the first time someone has gone missing here. And 20 years later, the body of a missing person was found.

Everything is trash

It’s All Rubbish centers on Phoebe Hill (Phoebe Robinson), a 30-year-old New York-based podcast “star” of local fame, who lives a pretty chaotic life and prides herself on her independence and lifestyle: she doesn’t let anyone dictate how she dresses or likes what her sex life should look like. .

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When Phoebe is very close to her older brother Jayden (Jordan Carlos) is running for office in local politics, hoping to get his sister a bit of voting help (“reaches out to young voters”). But he notes that Phoebe is not only a little “famous,” but she’s also quickly becoming “notorious” in the political spotlight—at least in the press and among more conservative voters (and financiers)—and for being fun. a nocturnal adventure causes a scandal.

Phoebe must find a way to stay true to herself and her moral standards without harming her brother – she must finally grow up…

In the US, Everything’s Trash aired on Freeform, a channel aimed at young audiences.

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