DSDS 2023: Laura Wontorra takes over last season’s moderation

Notes for season 20 from “Germany is looking for a superstar“It’s begun. The jury is sitting around Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi as well as pop stars Leony and Katja Krasavice. Now it is also known who will take over the moderation: Laura Wontorra.

DSDS 2023: innovations in castings

It looks like the format that was successful last season is being tweaked again. As officially announced by RTL, there will be a backstage moderator at the casting with Laura Wontorra. The 33-year-old will “capture the mood of the jury behind the scenes of casting, standing next to talented people and sure to pick out a secret or two from them,” according to a press release.

Laura Wontorra replaces Marco Schreyl

“I can’t play football but I host it, I can’t cook but I host a cookery show – it makes sense that now I’m a completely untalented singer. DSDS can in moderation. What an honor for the final season and to be back Dieter Bohlen so I could be there!” says Laura Wontorra, who will also be seen hosting the live shows. After this Laura was recently confirmed as Sebastian Fitzek’s successor at Riverboat.so solve them now Marco Schreyl, who celebrated his DSDS comeback just this year.

DSDS 2023: Dieter Bohlen declares a “crazy sensation”.

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