Episode 6 is the best Star Wars I’ve seen in years

Cassian Andor doesn't necessarily become more likable in Episode 6 of his personal Star Wars series, but it does make him a lot more interesting.  Image credit: DisneyLucasfilm

Cassian Andor doesn’t necessarily become more likable in Episode 6 of his personal Star Wars series, but it does make him a lot more interesting. Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

To be honest, I didn’t feel like Andorra at all. So not at all. For me, this was mostly due to the well-known opening problem: if I already know where a character’s backstory is inevitably going, I rarely get excited about it – the exceptions prove the rule, of course.

To make matters worse, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) followed Rebel was not one of my favorite Star Wars. Obviously, the character worked as it should have in the context of the Star Wars story. However, I didn’t really want to know where it came from and why it is the way it is. Cassian also found an ending to Rogue One that couldn’t be final.

Ever since the premiere of the latest Star Wars series, Andor has been teaching me better every week. And obviously, it’s not just my GameStar colleagues who share Steffi and Tilman My enthusiasm is constantly praised by international critics and fans.

With Series 6 I can write with a clear conscience: Andor is better than anything Star Wars has come up with over the years. And yes, even better than The Mandalorian. I know what a crime! But one at a time. First, let’s talk about episode 6, a minor masterpiece in modern television history.

Vali Aschenbrenner

Vali has been a Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember. Regardless, he doesn’t automatically like everything he’s served. Be it movies, series, video games or comics. When it comes to the highest quality of what is probably his favorite franchise, Vali has had many ups and downs. And even if he isn’t satisfied with every new Disney production, Vali has to learn something new again and again: a huge mass of new Star Wars paraphernalia that he never dreamed of as a child.

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But be warned for minor spoilers from here on out! I won’t go into the details in what follows, but I can’t avoid at least sketching the rough outlines of the plot.

Series 6 as a preliminary highlight

In Episode 6 of Andor, the time has finally come: The kidnapping that has been painstakingly worked on since the previous episodes is finally here. I especially liked how Andor was deliberately vague about how the heist at the Imperial Garrison would eventually go.

Accordingly, the episode benefits from the fact that I, as an outside observer, ultimately have no idea what to expect—and what might happen. From start to finish, director Susanna White manages to create an exciting atmosphere that doesn’t break at any point in the episode. And even after the heist is long over and the survivors feel safe.

As before, Andor continues to be able to give deeper meaning to every dialogue and plot. Everything said and done has a purpose. So there are no unnecessary sayings in Episode 6 to lighten the mood. Instead, for example, the series cleverly shows how literal Cassian’s statement about a fat and satisfied empire need to understand.

I've probably never gotten tired of the roar of TIE fighters rapidly approaching.  Image credit: Disney Star Wars.

I’ve probably never gotten tired of the roar of TIE fighters rapidly approaching. Image credit: Disney/Star Wars.

At the same time, I support all characters participating in the raid against the Imperial Garrison. And it doesn’t matter how much or little I know about them. Of course, this is also due to the impressive performances of the actors. The tension and seriousness of the universe that everyone is on – no matter what side they’re on – is evident on every character’s face.

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The action itself does not disappoint either. This is only the second time during Andorra that all the blast tubes have fired. In direct comparison to the rest of the franchise, the Star Wars series is surprisingly tough and uncompromising. Right now is no time to mourn fallen comrades who die in a split second. Andor ends the “Wars” in Star Wars with satisfying consistency.

By the way, this adds to the fact that the 6-series Andorra breaks the boundaries between classics. Intestine- and devil-the division becomes increasingly blurred. If you put a blaster on a kid…

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