Excitement in the new episode – fans are clearly guessing

After twelve "7 vs. Wild"As a result, fans are celebrating Otto, but there is also excitement.

After the twelfth episode of 7 vs. Wild, fans are celebrating Otto — but there’s also excitement. Image: Fritz Meinecke/Youtube


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Warning, there are spoilers for the twelfth episode of 7 Vs Wild! So if you haven’t seen the series yet, be careful.

The contestants of “7 vs. Savages” are doing well in the second season – only Nova has given up early so far. However, another exit is announced at the end of the twelfth episode. But the scene won’t be resolved until the next episode on Saturday night. This is causing a lot of frustration on social media. Although “7 vs. Wild” very often ends with a cliffhanger, this time the creators went to the extreme.

7 vs Wild with a Cliffhanger.

One of the absolute fan favorites this season is Knossi. With no survival experience, the Twitch streamer does surprisingly well and never loses his sense of humor. However, after twelve episodes, the concern is justified. At night, a 36-year-old man reports a boar visit.

“How are you supposed to sleep now?” he says to the camera, clearly exhausted. He is also bothered by toothache. After actually saying goodbye, he turns the camera back on and talks about delusions.

The final scene only shows the phone ringing in 7 vs. Wild. Clearly someone has pushed a button and wants to be taken off the island. Since this happens right after the Knossi chapter, it’s assumed he’s throwing in the towel. At this point, the series also has the potential to rub audiences the wrong way.

enabled Twitter there are several Fans after this cliffhanger at least once sours. Among other things, falls into Social media the predicate “without honor.”

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7 vs. Wild fans have a theory

Of course, there is also speculation as to who could leave now. A few people think it’s Sascha because: “You can hear him in one scene.”

What also stands out: At less than 59 minutes, this episode is significantly shorter than previous episodes of the season. With the exception of the prelude (“The Suspension”), the hour mark has always been easily exceeded so far. The second series even reached length.

Otto celebrated 7 vs. Wild.

In any case, the chances of the exit hitting Otto will likely decrease. The 39-year-old has mastered it life almost sovereign in the wild, which after the current episode once again robs fans of their admiration. Blinking again and again suggests that the crocodiles are probably afraid of him, not the other way around. This time the user writes:

“Huge respect to Otto for keeping all the crocodiles unharmed.

Elsewhere it says, “Otto just feels like he’s on vacation.” While most of the other contestants experience severe mood swings, Otto is still calm and balanced even days later.

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