Exploring Waters Run Deep on Arte Live & TV: Episode 5 of Season 2 of the Nature Series

Today, 2022 On November 25, the nature series Stille Wasser sind Deep can be seen on TV. You can find all information about today’s broadcast, live stream and replay “Natronsee, a very special body of water” here.

in 2022 November 25 will be televised as ‘The Deepest Waters Run Deep’. If you absolutely do not want to miss the nature series, you should make it in time until enable: program starts (“Natronsee, a very special body of water”) 17:50 to watch. For those who like to watch TV online: Arte also offers live streaming online.

The Natronsee, a very special body of water The Waters Are Deep Today on TV and Live

In northeastern Tanzania is the Natron Sea in an active volcanic zone, a body of water with a shallow bed that is never deeper than three meters even during the rainy season. Only then does it form an adjacent lake and extend across the national border into neighboring Kenya. But as soon as the temperature rises, Lake Natron has a hard time surviving: during a drought, when the thermometer shows 50 degrees Celsius, it dries up and splits into many lagoons that exist completely isolated from each other for several months. This phenomenon, exacerbated by global warming, is turning Lake Natron into an inhospitable ecosystem where the now-missing water has turned into an alkaline, slimy liquid. But it is necessary for the survival of the gigantic colony of lesser flamingos, and it is also home to fish that have adapted to extreme conditions. On the shores of Lake Natron, Maasai shepherds maintain a way of life handed down by their ancestors that is found almost nowhere else in the world. (Source: Arte, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

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Watch shows like the nature series Stille Wasser sind Deep on TV today.

Interested in shows like Still Waters Run Deep? Then we have some tips:

  • 4 p.m. coming through MDR MDR one 4.
  • 16:05 on MDR “Monsoon Magic”.

When will “quiet waters” repeat on 11/25/2022? TV appointment and Arte mediateka

Can’t see Still Waters Are Deep today at 17:50? This is where the Arte Mediateka can come in handy. It offers a wide range of TV contributions online as video-on-demand for streaming – and, importantly, after the corresponding broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, Arte will not be repeated on TV just yet. You can usually find the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments.

Today on TV “The waters are always deep”: all the information at a glance

Datum: 11/25/2022

address: Art

Consequence: Season 5 / 2 (“Lake Natron, a very special body of water”)

topic: Natronsee, a very special body of water

Year of manufacture: 2017

For a long time: 40 minutes (from 17:50 to 18:30)

in HD format: Yes

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