Fans are mad about THIS scene

Destiny: The Winx Saga is back with new episodes that won praise from more than just fans. One scene is particularly hotly debated on social media and revolves around Terra.

In September, the streaming service premiered the highly-anticipated second season of Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga. In a very short time, the series took the number one spot on the Netflix charts. Demand is high, but in addition to much enthusiasm for the magical continuation of Bloom’s story, there is also criticism. A scene from Season 2 Episode 3 is trending on TikTok, Twitter and Tumblr: it shows a group of girls attending a prom. However, Terra Harvey (Eliot Salt) immediately stands out.

Terra stands out negatively

The girls around Bloom are wearing chic ball gowns and ready for the ball. High heels, revealing dresses, glitter and makeup. To add weight to the scene, the friends enter the hall in slow motion. But then there’s Terra: she doesn’t look like she’s on her way to prom, but rather heading toward the nearest couch for a quiet movie night. A wolf shirt, a big cozy vest and worn Converse shoes. What happened there?

fans are angry

A question that also concerns many fans. They are even very angry on social networks and tend to suspect that the team from “Fate: The Winx Saga” no idea how to dress women with a few extra pounds on their ribs. “What a surprise: they put the thin girls in nice clothes, and the fat girl gets an ill-fitting printed T-shirt and tattered Converse. Haven’t we done that already?” asks a TikTok user. Resi635 eye roll and posted the scene on the platform (see below), where it has been viewed over a million times. “They could have at least given her a suit that would fit. It’s a classy party,” she adds irritably.

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– Who confirmed this?

The video – one of many to hit social media – has now garnered nearly 900 comments, with many Destiny fans both agreeing and angry at the way Terra is being treated. “Who approved this?” wonders the user. Another added: “It’s fine if she wears it in other scenes but it’s a ball.” Another commented: “It’s ok if she doesn’t wear a dress but then give her a nice suit! She could have looked so beautiful.” One thing fans do agree on is that if Fate: The Winx Saga gets a third season from Netflix, hopefully those in charge will learn from it the next time they don Terra.

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