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The new Sisi series is the biggest RTL + fiction launch to date. But even before that success, the new season was already underway. New episodes should appear by the end of the year.

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The life of the stormy Empress, including her dramatic murder, will of course fail to be examined in the six-series season, so it’s no surprise that the second season has already been booked. Regardless of the success of the series, fans of the historical material can still expect more merchandise. But now more new customers than ever before are giving RTL + a yes, and the people in charge are right. The second season shouldn’t be a flop either.

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Sisi Season 2: When are the new episodes coming out?

When in 2021. In October, the series celebrated its world premiere in Cannes, with RTL’s head of German fiction announcing that the second season is already over. In April 2022, RTL announced that filming for the second season in the Baltics had begun. So nothing prevents you from starting 2022. December until there are no significant delays.

How’s the second season going? Sisi has to consult her heart

The birth of Sisi and Franz’s son was supposed to be a perfect marital bliss, but the young heir to the throne is the cause of serious power struggles in Europe. The phase of private challenges for Sisi and Franz also begins. Otto von Bismarck threatens war, Sisi uses diplomatic instincts but does not want to find happiness in their relationship. She feels like a bird in a golden cage. She then has to travel to Hungary for political reasons, where she encounters the wild expanses of the Puszta and Count Gyula Andrássy (Giovanni Funiati), who is extremely fascinated by her. Standing between the rebel leader and her husband Franz, she has to make a decision.

The Duke of Hastings will apparently not be back in season 3

What’s in the new Sisi Season 2 cast?

A meeting with the cast of the 1st season actors is guaranteed, but in the 2nd season we can also expect new roles and actors:

  • Murathan Muslu plays the leader of the Hungarian rebels, Ödön Körtek
  • Romy Schroeder is the daughter of Marie, Sisi’s maid Fanny, who was hanged for betrayal in season 1
  • Amanda Da Gloria plays the role of Countess Emanuelle Andrássy, Count Andrássy’s sister
  • Bernd Hölscher is Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor since 1871

The record was broken in just one day via RTL +

Henning Tewes, CEO of RTL Television and one of the CEOs of RTL +, welcomes the exceptional success of the new series:

“Decades after the legendary film classic, it was almost too late to rethink the story of the legendary empress. We are very happy that our Sisi interpretation was so well received by broadcasters one day later and even breaking records! From the very beginning of Story House Pictures, we’ve been convinced that Story House Pictures features top-notch actors, visually stunning and rich content, so we decided early on for the second season. After “Ferdinand von Schirach – Faith” and “Faking Hitler”, no less high-value “Sisi” fits in perfectly with the huge variety of genres in the world of RTL + entertainment, which will start on Thursday at “Der Rebell – Von Leimen”. “Nach Wimbledon” – a film about Boris Becker – will be expanded to include another fiction accent.

So maybe nothing is interfering with the third season? To overcome a very small portion of the waiting time for the second season, you can test your knowledge of old cult classics here in a quiz:

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