First photos from season 3

Netflix publishes the first photos from season three “Emily in Paris”. We can expect that

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It’s time again soon Hi Emily. Back in January of this year, shortly after the second season premiered, Netflix announced that there would be a third and even a fourth season. “Emile in Paris” will follow Those that are now published Season 3 photos let’s take a first look at what might happen.

Emily in Paris: Großer Cliffhanger

Series “Emile in Paris” is about an American woman who is offered a job at a large marketing firm in Paris. She leaves her life in the US and moves to Paris. As it soon turns out, not everything is as glamorous as she expected. Emily finds herself surrounded by friendships, arguments and love affairs.

The second season ended with a huge cliffhanger: Emily (Lily Collins) can choose between working in her hometown of Chicago or staying in Paris. She is also a love dilemma. Her boyfriend Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) returns to London but wants a long-distance relationship. There is still Gabriel in Paris (Lukas Bravo), for which Emily also feels.

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Emily in Paris: Inside season 3

Chicago or Paris? Alfie or Gabriel? The third season of Emily in Paris is going to be exciting. The photos give a first taste.

Emily in Paris 3

Girls drinking coffee in Paris Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Looking skeptically at the negotiating table Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Of course, Emily’s legendary outfit should not be missing either Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Romantic glances between Emily and Alfie Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Sylvie and Emily at the event Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Gabriel is in his chef outfit and Emily looks at him upset Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Such looks speak volumes Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Emily went to Paris Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Pure luxury! Photo: Netflix.

Emily in Paris 3

Two friends are laughing on a park bench Photo: Netflix.

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Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date

The start date of the third season of “Emilia in Paris” has not yet been set. Probably have to wait until December. The second season started in 2021. December.

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