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In this episode of our Animation News Podcast, The Ancient Magus Bride returns for a second season in 2023. in April the favorite manga of the past few years is announcing an anime version.

Every week, the Sumik team is looking for and AnimeSlam manga and anime news together, such as the trailer for the anime based on Fuuka author Kouji Seo’s new manga titled Megami no Café Terrace, or the sequel to the Lucky Star manga, which is now on hiatus. would have had eight years.

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Anime service Wakanim hack available

The manga for the well-known video game Elden Ring will soon be available in Germany on Altraverse, the movie Goodby, Don Glees! will be showing in local cinemas starting December 8th, and anyone who still has a Wakanim account should change their password soon, as the service may have become a victim of hackers.

There’s been plenty of new work announced this week, from a movie based on the Collar x Malice visual novel that promises excitement in 2023, to a new anime based on the Sylvanian Families toy series, to new light novel adaptations such as Time Travel Adventure Teammoon. Empire” or Isek’s story “Am I really the strongest”.

Motion Capture, Little Idols, and Anime on Steam.

There are also some unusual projects, such as the feature film Chibiham, Juicy & Me, which tells the story of a plump American woman’s experience in Japan and was created using motion capture technology, or the release of Hyperdimension Neptunia. OVAs on Steam.

After Henry Cavill's departure, fans start petitioning

We still lack information on some of the announcements, such as the anime Unbalanced Witch Family Circumstances or the adaptation of the light novel series You Experienced I Didn’t, And That’s How We Started Dating, and the new. The [email protected] Cinderella Girls U149 brings at least one trailer.

Patience is required

However, many titles still have to wait, such as Uncle from Another World, which due to production difficulties will be re-aired from October until the second movie Sword Art Online Progressive Now only October 22nd on Beastars fans will have to wait until 2024. third and final season.

We finally have Shueisha’s new collection of light novels aimed at female readers, two former Kadokawa employees have been arrested in a bribery scandal, and Japanese VTubers are launching an investigation into virtual reality harassment.

News at a glance


  • Introducing the new Elden Ring Gag Manga published in 12 languages
  • Wakanim streaming service delays content after potential data breach
  • See you on Don Glee! is coming to German cinemas
  • Detective Conan is now investigating in HD on Crunchyroll!

New Anime

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