Gray Anatomy Season 18: Weeds and Feelings – Fun Turns Serious in Series 17

Gray Anatomy - Hintergrund

Description zu Folge 17 “I’ll cover you”

The 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy is currently on ABC. In the 17th series, some doctors get tired and Richard accidentally gets up.

Gray anatomy

Gray Anatomy (Quelle: ABC)

  • The 17th series of the 18th season of Grey’s Anatomy has just been shown on the US broadcaster ABC.
  • It boils the feelings of some of the participants. Link and Jo faced a complicated case. Bailey is up against Nick, and Maggie and Winston are also fighting.
  • In addition, Richard inadvertently rises.

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Gray anatomyIs with me 18 seasons at US Shipper ABC see. Series 17, “I’ll Cover You,” is shown in 2022. May 12 In it, Richard rises inadvertently, and Link and Jo have to work together on a difficult case.

At the beginning of the episode, Richard drinks Catherine’s green cocktail. But he doesn’t know he’s tied to cannabis. At the hospital, Merediths notices Richard’s condition. She delegates her cases to others and oversees Richard.

Link and Joe, meanwhile, have to operate on a cancer patient whose wife is pregnant. Kristen wants her husband Simon to meet their child, but his condition is very poor. She asks Him to make a caesarean section, but it is too early to do so. In addition, Link and Jo are arguing about their situation and Jo admits that Link is in love. Since he does not return the feelings, Joe asks him to move out to preserve their friendship.

Bailey, meanwhile, is against Nick. She later admits to Meredith that this is because she feels unsuccessful as a boss.


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Maggie and Winston, who treat a patient suffering from back pain, quarrel because Winston was no longer what he had been since his brother visited. He tells her that Wendell, when he was 16, unknowingly ran away from the driver and that his brother withdrew and Winston took the blame. The same thing is happening now with broken heart monitors.

At the end of the episode, Catherine arrives to be taken to Richard’s house. He asks her why there is cannabis in her home, and Catherine admits the weed is due to her pain as her cancer has progressed.

If you watch the new Grey’s Anatomy series in Germany right after the US broadcast If you want, you can find out what you need to do with us.

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March 27, 2005

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