Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: First Trailer Teases Relationship

On October 6, the 19th season of the popular and successful hospital drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” starts in the USA. To further build anticipation for the new episodes, US broadcaster ABC has released the first, albeit brief, trailer. And it shows us some new and familiar faces. But there’s probably some bad news about Meredith’s relationship in the trailer as well (Ellen Pompeo52) and Nick (Scott Speedman, 47).

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: Did Meredith and Nick Break Up?

In Season 18, everything seemed to be going well at first: Meredith and Nick were happy and decided to move to Minnesota together. But then Gray Sloan Memorial’s curriculum threatened to be discontinued. As a result, Meredith temporarily turned down a job offer at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and stayed in Chicago to save the program. But the effort was futile. With the training program over, Bailey (Chandra Wilson, 53) quits in frustration, handing over the position of head of surgery to a surprised Meredith. Minnesota’s dream exploded.

The first trailer for Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 shows that it hasn’t left Meredith and Nick’s relationship untouched. About halfway through the one-minute video, the two talk. Nick says, “It’s been six months.” To which Meredith replies, “It’s been a very difficult six months.” So, it looks like the two have actually broken up.

Meredith should have enough distractions. The trailer also gives a first look at a number of newcomers to Gray Sloan Memorial. And it looks like Bailey is coming back, too. But we won’t know exactly how the Grey’s Anatomy story continues and whether Meredith and Nich’s relationship can be saved until October 6, when new episodes begin in the US.

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You see Grey’s Anatomy in this country streaming on Disney+. and Joyn and free ProSieben TV.

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