Grill den Henssler 2022 – Series 6: Broadcast dates and times for season 16

Grill den Henssler 2022 new episodes of Vox are displayed. Here you can get all the information about the show and learn more about the start, broadcast dates and broadcast time.

Bake in Henssler“2022 returned to German television screens with new episodes. There are various special offers again this spring season.

Among other things, a special coach is waiting for the audience, where three of the show’s culinary coaches will compete with Steffen Henssler.

What are the new 2022 Grill den Henssler series broadcast dates? And what else do you need to know about season 16? Here you can find out everything you need to know about broadcast times and dates and get much more information about the show.

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Grill den Henssler has been in operation since 2022 Vox see?

The new Grill den Henssler season has aired since 2022. April 10 television see.

Grill den Henssler 2022 dates and times of broadcasts

Grill den Henssler 2022 is also open this Sunday from mid-April every Sunday at 20.15. Vox. Here is an overview of all cooking duel broadcast dates:

  • Series 1: 2022 April 10, 8:15 p.m. Vox
  • Series 2: 2022 April 17, 8:15 p.m. Vox
  • Series 3: 2022 April 24, 8:15 p.m. Vox
  • Series 4: 2022 May 1, 8:15 p.m. Vox
  • Series 5: 2022 May 8, 8:15 p.m. Vox
  • Series 6: 2022 May 15, 8:15 p.m. Vox

Candidates: These celebrities areBake in Henssler“2022 with us

who are they Candidates for the Grill den Henssler in 2022? These are the famous faces who want to “grill” Henssler in season 16:

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1 series with a special jungle

  • Filip Pavlovic
  • Anouschka Renzi
  • Harald Glookler

Series 2 with a special Easter movie

  • Mikis Krause
  • Thore Schölermann
  • Ilka Bessin

Series 3 with a special trainer

  • Ali Gungormus
  • Beech Molcho
  • Kristian Lohse

Series 4 with special Mario Barthu

Series 5 with a special Mother’s Day issue

  • Kim Tränka and mother Anja
  • Chryssanthi Kavazi and Mutter Theodora
  • Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and mother Natasha

6 series

  • Pierre M. Krause
  • Bruce Darnellas
  • Lukas Podolsky

Hosting: Steffen Henssler challenge the celebrities

Steffen Hensler is that 2022 Head of Grill den Henssler. It was clear early on: Steffen Hensler would become a chef. After graduating, he completed an apprenticeship in this field and in 2001. opened his first restaurant, followed by others. He has been on television with his culinary show since 2013.

jury of “Bake in Henssler“2022

Mirk Grill den Henssler jury 2022 in the new season remains the same. The following jurors evaluate the dishes of Steffen Henssler and famous candidates:

  • Reiner Kalmund
  • Mirja Boes
  • Christian Rach

Moderation: Laura Wontorra waste “Bake in Henssler“2022

Laura Wontorra takes over as usual Moderation of Grill den Henssler in 2022. The 33-year-old host has been on the show since Season 11 and not only leads the culinary duel, but also interviews Henssler and the candidates while cooking.

Transmission: how to seeBake in Henssler“2022

How are you doing Grill den Henssler 2022 streaming via TV and streaming far away? Episodes are broadcast on free TV Vox. The broadcast can be seen in the RTL + stream of the provider, which requires a paid subscription. After the TV broadcast there is a whole series as well as a replay to watch.

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