HBO Secretly Cancels Joss Whedon Series

Will we never know how Nevers’ tale of touch will end? US websites are reporting that HBO has secretly canceled the sci-fi series even though the first season has not yet aired in its entirety.

Joss Whedon (Buffy) 2021 launched his new project The Nevers, which is about a mysterious flying object in Victorian London in 1896. Many women who were touched by the spores released by the flying object were gifted with supernatural powers. For six episodes, viewers followed the mystery of the so-called “touched” and the flying object. Now it looks like we’ll never get a proper degree.

Season 2 not confirmed

Season 1 “never” includes a total of 12 episodes. The final six episodes of Season 1 were originally scheduled for 2023. But at this point, it’s not even clear if the episodes will still air. US website Deadline reports that HBO has secretly canceled The Nevers and will soon drop it from HBO Max as well. It is not yet clear if and where the remaining episodes will be broadcast. It looks like a second season of The Nevers has not been announced yet.

Round conclusion

This officially marks the end of the Joss Whedon-created Nevers series, which aired its six-episode first season in 2021, with a second season not yet scheduled. Now she will find herself in a new home on the show, whatever that may be. According to sources, the storyline will end in Season 1B “term”. Small consolation for fans: At least a round ending to the series seems guaranteed – provided the episodes air.

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