Home of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Hot Events

New episode House of the Dragon is online and it matches the original series with episode 4 when it comes to lots of bare skin! Already drifting game of thrones Certain excess action in new conflict-riddled paths, separation is by no means inferior! Who with whom and why – we don’t want to break it to you in advance, but anyone who has seen sparks fly before can imagine it.

And in all respects to the direction of the sparks, yes House of the Dragon Episode 4 takes place in bedrooms and dens. It all started so calmly. demon (Matt Smith) visits the king (Paddy Considine), now crowned himself, but he apparently repentantly submits to his royal brother.

Meanwhile, Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) has to listen to more ridiculous marriage proposals, which undoubtedly contributes to what happens next. It is surely no coincidence that she finds a note showing her demon’s secret passage from within the royal walls, and so she learns of King’s Landing in the Hour of the Owl from a lustful demon’s perspective. Here, not only does one thing lead to another, but it also leads to this, that, and this outcome that neither Daemon nor Rhaenyra had originally imagined…

An exciting and quite hot episode House of the Dragon, which once again creates cool parallels to highlight different relationships and why they are the way they are. What eventually remains of arguments and relationships eventually leads to blood after fire – how could it be otherwise – annoying to say the least (and actually on the sidelines is also real) and some people lose the status they once had. to have

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So far, every episode has featured this successful combination of fire, blood, and other sacrifices House of the Dragon and we can’t wait to see what flames will rise next week, and whose blood, life, or duty they will claim! Viscera’s further decline is also shown very clearly, I wonder if he will survive episode 5, which is the middle, especially after other current events.

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