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Season 3 of the Sky series Das Boot was due to start on Sky in April, but now the date has been moved to 2022. in May. We have all the information about the start, the consequences, the storyline and the actors.

Das Boot has been a success so far. therefore had Heaven 2020 has already announced that the series will continue for the third season. New episodes were filmed in Prague and the island of Malta.

In 2019, the series was twice awarded the German Television Prize. In 2019, Luxembourg’s Vicky Krieps received an award for her role as lead actress Simone Strasser and David Luther for Best Cinematography. The series also received a special jury prize at the Bavarian Television Prize and the Austrian Romy Awards Ceremony.

What is known about season 3 of Das Boot about the start, the actors and the aftermath? In this article you will find all the information about the new episodes. We also have a trailer ready for you.

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Start: When did Das Boot return to the 3-season screens?

Heaven was originally scheduled to start the third Das Boot season in 2022. April 9 However, the start date is now slightly postponed. It all started on Saturday, 2022. From then on, Das Boot will be broadcast weekly, always on Saturdays at 20.15, in double episodes. Sky One ether.

There are a total of ten episodes in Season 3 of Das Boot, all of which are exceptional Heaven In Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italyspeaking german Switzerland and will be available in Ireland.

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Fans can also rejoice because: Officially confirmed it will be Season 4. Filming for the fourth season of Das Boot will begin in June 2022 Heaven.

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Broadcast: How to watch season 3 of Das Boot Sky ticket & Sky Q

If you don’t want to wait a week between series, you can watch all season Sky ticket and Sky Q to remember. All series will also be available here from 2022 onwards. May 14

Seasons 1 and 2 of Das Boot are also available Sky ticket and Sky Q see.

Actors: These actors are in the 3rd season of Das Boot

Season 3 adds a lot of new actors to the already large group of actors in the series. The following well-known actors are playing in Season 3 of Das Boot:

  • Tomas Wlaschiha (known from “Game of Thrones“)
  • Franz Dinda (known from The Cloud)
  • Rick Okon (known from Tatort)
  • Pierre’as Kiwittas (known from Der Zurich crime “)
  • Ray Stevenson (known from “Rom“and” Dexter “)
  • Ernest Stoetzner (known from Brecht)
  • Louise Wolfram (known from “Charity“)
  • Elisa Schlott (known from Narcissus and Goldmunds)
  • Anna Schudt (known from “Departure to Freedom”)
  • Joana Ribeiro (known from “Man Who Killed Don Quixote “)
  • Florian Panzner (known from Dark)
  • Artyom Gilz (known from Milk & Honey)
  • Jo Hartley (known from After Life)
  • Fritzie Haberlandt (known from “Late Girl”)
  • Johann von Bulov (known from Frantz)
  • Trystanas Pütteris (known from “Tony Erdmann“)
  • Franz Hartwig (known from Der Pass)

Storyline: It’s about season 3 of Das Boot

3 The Das Boot season revolves around the fate of a submarine crew sent to a dangerous mission in the southern hemisphere. The crew enters the battle of the Atlantic and is chased by the unrestrained commander of the Royal Navy. Strong personal alliances are formed within the occupation. Crew chief Robert Ehrenberg discovers redemption and family ties he had never expected before.

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Episode Guide: These are the 3 episodes of Das Boot

There will be a total of ten new episodes in the third season of Das Boot, each lasting about 60 minutes. Hans Steinbichler will direct the first five series, and Dennis Gansel from the sixth to ten series.

Here you will find an overview of the names and …

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