House of the Dragon: Episode 5 Preview – Will Game of Thrones Now Have a Red Wedding?

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We see the wedding for the first time”House of the Dragon“. Even the parent series “Game of Thrones” was famous for extremely bloody weddings. However, the marriage between Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon just as scary Red wedding?

It will definitely not be quiet. In the trailer, you see a bloody man lying on the ground Rhaenys says that Rhaenyra’s legacy will surely be challenged. Viser’s condition is also getting worse, his whole arm looks inflamed.

Otto Hohenturm advises his daughter Alicent, her Sohn Aegon II. to prepare for the throne because there will be a war if Rhaenyra really becomes queen.

Series 5 will begin in 2022. September 19 Sky Atlantic on pay TV and at Wow, I’m streaming. Then we learn what sacrifices a dragon house marriage really comes with

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