“I don’t even have a driver’s license” – Cosimo pushes his limits in Summer House

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Another game for celebrities is waiting for Season 5 of Summer Star Home. With Parking, men have to blindly drive into a parking space. However, Cosimo has quite a few problems:

Celebrities, couples and lots of drama! new season”Star bungalow“on RTL Snoring. Eight stars and their partners are fighting for the title “Celebrity Couple 2022” this year. Episode after episode, the candidates have to face tough challenges to secure themselves in the next round. Some people like to push their limits. And so is Cosimo, a participant in the “cottage house”. In “Parking” episode 5, he gets completely frustrated, as reported by MANNHEIM24!

“Star Cottage”: these are the rules of the game “Parking” in episode 5

True, Cosimo has already lost one game or another in “Star Summer House”: For example, in episode 3, the celebrities had to clean a completely dirty car in order to get the letters of the puzzle – But Cosimo had trouble guessing the word he was looking for: he ended up completely embarrassing himself in the Summer House game of Paar Wash.! Also in episode 5, the native German Italian has to pass again:

Episode 5 of “Star Summer Home” airs on RTL+ from September 18. In the Parking game, celebrities have to turn into a parking space in a van about 15 feet long. The men driving the car are blindfolded. Only women who, as passengers, have to give instructions can see. Whoever takes off the blindfold loses!

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“I don’t even have a driver’s license”: Cosimo cannot start the game in the “bungalow”.

Cosimo is shocked as soon as he hears the task. Like the other men, he was blindfolded before the game. “I don’t even have a driver’s license,” he tells his friend Nathalie, who reads the assignment to him. A real parking problem!

“He never changed gears and never went back,” explains girlfriend Nathalie in an interview with Star Summer House. “I can’t even get out baby, how am I supposed to drive now?” Cosimo asks himself. But RTL doesn’t want to be like that and lets the pair swap without another word: Nathalie takes the wheel and Cosimo navigates. Is it really better that way?

“Impossible, man!”: Parking is pushed to its limits in Cosimo’s “bungalow” game.

In the first meters, Cosimo and Nathalie have big problems! “Straight, dear, straight!” Cosimo shouts as Nathalie drives. But she goes straight to the hay bales lying on the ground. And the next attempt doesn’t improve either:

Nathalie has to reverse to get back on the road to the parking lot. But Cosimo’s instructions don’t help the young beautician any more: “To be honest, I found his instructions confusing,” says Nathalie in an interview with Sommerhaus der Stars. But Cosimo doesn’t know how to express himself better: “It’s impossible, man!” I don’t even know how to drive, how can I explain now?!” he shouts to the girl. But then it doesn’t matter:

Car betting game “Star summer house” © RTL

Star Cottage: Cosimo and Nathalie interrupt the game as Cosimo talks about his way out

Cosimo and Nathalie interrupt the game. Once you remove the blindfold, you automatically go outside! “Damn it,” says Cosimo as the game ends with two losers. However, after getting out of the car, he tries to make excuses:

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“Look how tight it is!” With a caravan like this, mate. In Italy, they transport corpses with it!”. Yep, corpses. Great In episode 3, after the game “Star Summer House”, Cosimo made a huge drama: After a nasty game of “Tischlein, deck dich”, the German Italian had to go to the toilet urgently.! The former GoGo dancer practically ran for his life. But in the end he won the game. In episode 5, Cosimo and Nathalie return home unprotected for another nomination.

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Viewers can watch the new season of Das Sommerhaus der Stars on RTL until October 9. Each new episode is always available a few days earlier on RTL+. MANNHEIM24 has it for you all air dates for the new season of Star Summer Home to summarize.

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