ICH bin ME: Season 7 Episode 2 reruns online and on TV

Another episode of the pre-school program ICH bin ICH was telecast on Wednesday (October 12, 2022). Haven’t seen the episode? You can read here on news.de where and how you can watch the Teja und das Hamsterlabyrinth episode on TV or online.

On Wednesday (12/10/2022) at 9:25 a.m. another episode of ICH bin ICH was aired on TV. Couldn’t watch the preschool show on TV and still want to watch Season 7 Episode 2 (Teja and the Hamster Labyrinth)? Look at KiKa– Media library is over. It offers a wide range of TV contributions online as video-on-demand for streaming – and, importantly, after the corresponding broadcast on TV. You can usually find a program in your media library when it airs on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments. Unfortunately, there won’t be a repeat of KiKa on classic TV just yet.

I Am Me TV: That’s What Teja and the Hamster Labyrinth is About.

This pre-school documentary series shows very young viewers how to solve everyday problems through interesting and funny examples. (Source: KiKa, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

ICH bin ME on TV: all the details in a nutshell

Consequence: Season 2 / 7 (“Teja and the Hamster Labyrinth”)

address: KiKa

Genre: preschool education show

Year of manufacture: 2017

For a long time: 7 minutes

in HD format: Yes

All episodes of ICH bin ME on TV

Read here where and when you can watch more episodes of ICH bin ICH:

Title of episode(s). Series Consequence Datum time Sender duration
Ethan and an album for grandma 7 3 10/13/2022 9:25 a.m Reading 7 minutes
Elijah and the street cat 7 4 10/14/2022 9:25 a.m Reading 7 minutes
Fabio and highland cattle 7 5 10/17/2022 9:25 a.m Reading 10 minutes
Louie goes fishing 7 6 10/18/2022 9:25 a.m Reading 10 minutes
Amari and her little pigs 7 7 10/19/2022 9:25 a.m Reading 10 minutes
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(Season and episode number details are assigned by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the title shown in the official episode guides)

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