Impressive Harry Wild: Dublin Murder Hunt season finale

She had just resigned as a professor when Harry Wild was already trying his hand as an investigator, bringing great chaos to the Dublin police station.

Recently retired professor Harry Wild (Jane Seymour) is looking for a new purpose in life and uses her knowledge of literary history to interfere in her son’s police investigation. What initially looks like a mixture Agatha Christies An iconic figure in Miss Marple and a criminal series “Castle” remembered, it quickly becomes a dangerous race for life and death, diversified again and again with humor and wit. The grand finale of the season of the criminal series “Harry Wilde – Murder Hunt in Dublin” will take place tonight during the ZDF. If you don’t want to wait until 10:15 p.m., you can get all eight series now Streaming in ZDF Media Library.

The announcement in English reveals how things could go on:

You can pre-order a series of DVDs now

Harry Wilde – Murder Hunt in Dublin: Season Finale on Free TV Today

On Sunday, 2022 On 24 April, the premiere of the Irish and British criminal series in Germany took place via ZDF. Since then, you’ve seen two series on free TV every Sunday. 2022 On Sunday, May 15, at 10:15 p.m., you can find out how the first season of “Harry Wild – Murder Hunt in Dublin” ends in the double ZDF series:

  • Series 7 “Susan Wig … Desperately Wanted”: Sunday, May 15, from 10:15 p.m. per ZDF
  • Series 8 “Nobody Gets Alive Here”: Sunday, May 15, from 11:05 PM via ZDF
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Or you can already watch all eight series of the first season Stream in advance in the ZDF media library.

Harry Wild – Murder Hunt in Dublin: From the Lecture Hall to the Killer Sightings

In fact, Harry Wild, a professor of literature, just wanted to enjoy his retirement. But when she looks over her shoulder at her son Charlie (Kevin J. Ryan) during a police investigation, she recognizes the pattern of the crime according to a literary pattern. But Charlie doesn’t want to hear about it; There are enough reasons for Harry to investigate the series of murders himself. In addition, the elderly lady makes contact with student Fergus (Rohan Neddas): after his robbery, she will not hand him over to the police if he helps her from now on. But the closer Harry Wilde gets to the truth, the more the line between fantasy and reality disappears, until eventually the amateur detective himself joins the squad of suspects.

Cast: Who goes on a homicide hunt with Harry Wild in Dublin?

Along with Emmy and Golden Globe Award winners Jane Seymour (“Doctor of Medicine”), Harry Wild plays a top-class lead role. Next to it was Rohan Nedd (“Safe”), Stuart Graham (“Hunger”), Amy Huberman (Bachelor Weekend), Paul Tylak (Informers) and Kevin Ryan (“Copper – justice is brutal”) in front of the camera. Actors at a glance:

  • Jane Seymour plays Harry Wild
  • Kevin Ryan as the son of Charlie Wild
  • Rohan Neath along with Fergus Reid
  • Stuart Graham with Ray Tiernan
  • Amy Huberman with Orla Wild
  • Paul Tylak with Glenn Talbot
  • Rose O’Neil as Lola Wild
  • Ciara O’Callaghan with Vivian Maynard Thackeray
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Harry Wild: Dublin Homicide Hunt Season 2: Will there be a sequel?

Anyone eager for new criminal cases after the first eight series of “Harry Wilde – Murder Hunt in Dublin” may soon enjoy a second season of success. While there is currently no official confirmation of the sequel, lead actress Jane Seymour has revealed Interview with Express:

“I just found out that two new episodes are already being written. Someone kind of believes we’ll be back because [die Produktionsfirma] in fact, it now pays writers to write two new episodes. I know this because I am currently working on another project by David Logan. So I have a lot of hope and wish we could start quickly, otherwise it will be cold [während der Dreharbeiten] and I’m not lucky in the cold. “

So it looks like Harry Wild: Murder Hunt in Season 2 Dublin is waiting for us as early as 2023. It is not yet known whether Harry and Fergus may even have a longer sequel after the two scheduled episodes. Those in charge will probably wait and see how the first two series …

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