in 2022 sAWents Calendar: Door 14 – “The Episode You’re Looking For…?” (Episode 18)

Right now you’re actually getting a new edition of our puzzle series”The series you’re looking for…?!“Find. And you know what? That’s exactly what you’ll find here today. Because this year sAWentskalender it’s all about puzzles, so why not include a series thing?

INFORMATION: This yearsAWentskalender“Each day you can open the door behind which the puzzle of the series is hidden and where it is located.” great prizes to be won! Submit a decision of the day to get a ticket.

Riddle of the day

So today we have once again hidden a term from the world of TV series for you: this term can be the name of the series or a character, an actor, an element of the series or just something related to the series. With 20 tips that get more and more specific, we’ll help you find a solution. But there is one difference from the usual: because this time we do not melt directly, but expect your solution through the contact form.

INFORMATION: You can play the written puzzle here in the blog post (just scroll down!) or watch it in video form and along with the puzzle.

The series you’re looking for is…?!

The requested serial item saw the light of day in 2005.

The series you are looking for is a series.

The series has nine seasons…

… and 208 episodes.

One episode of the series lasts about 22 minutes.

The year of release of the last season is 2014.

The series was created in the USA.

The original language is English.

"twitches". ending in season five

Bryan Cranston made guest appearances in seasons two and nine.

Heidi Klum can also be seen in the episode. She plays herself in it.

The main actors of the series consist of five people.

These five people are very good friends.

Bob Saget takes on the role of narrator in the series and can be heard continuously at once.

The series’ theme song was composed by the band The hard ones and it’s called “Hey beautiful”.

The blue mail horn plays an important role in the series.

The advertising slogan of the series is “Love story in reverse”.

The series won 10 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel and Cobie Smulders…

… and are called Barney, Ted, Lilly, Marshall and Robin.

One of the most famous quotes from the series is “It’s gonna belegen… wait for it… do it!”

send a solution

Well, do you know what today’s solution is? Then send us your response using the contact form here. If it’s correct, you’ve secured a winning ticket and thus a chance to win a prize. The first three people to get all 24 correct answers (or most correct answers) automatically win and can choose a prize from our pool. So always use the same email. email address!

All other information about the competition can be found in this post. Another door follows tomorrow morning here on the blog.

Door No. 13

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