in 2022 Star Trek: All Season 7 Alternate Couples

It’s that time again: 2022. Star Cottage has started its 7th season on RTL. From 2022 August 31 RTL+ viewers could get to know the eight celebrities and their life partners from a completely different, personal and truthful side while living together. However, two more couples are supposed to move into the bungalow during the show. Here is all the information about it.

  • The new season of Das Sommerhaus der Stars will be broadcast on RTL and RTL+.
  • Eight well-known faces of the German reality landscape compete with their partners for a prize of €50,000.
  • According to a media report, a total of four other candidates will move in only during the show.
  • Christina Grass and Marco Cerullo were the first to rise.
  • Here we will reveal who else will move to the “Star Summer House” in 2022.

RTL is called for the seventh time Eight celebrity couples are invited to the popular “Summer House of Stars”.. The show is on RTL from Wednesday 2022. September 7, and a week ago RTL+. TV viewers get to know celebrities and their life partners from a completely different, personal and truthful side while living together. In humorous games, they test their ability to work as a team and their relationship as a couple: How well do I really know my partner? How much do I trust him? Eight couples are officially participating in the live competition and experience both group dynamics and the formation of new friendships. In episode 5, Christina Grass and Marco Cerullo have already moved into the Summer House of the Stars as replacements. But there’s another pair to look forward to this season.

Broadcast dates, dogs, owners, broadcast on TV and stream and repeat season 1 2 series today

Christina Grass and Marco Cerullo: They are replacements for series 5

To the “Star Summer House” in 2022. a total of two replacement pairs are transferred

But who are followers? We present them to you:

Vanessa Mariposa (29) is a fitness model from Austria. Ex on the Beach was her first television appearance. Her name Mariposa is the stage name she goes by today.

Diego Sangre (27) known as Seducer from “Temptation Island“. Along with Vanessa, he was seen in various reality shows. So now the two are also fighting in the “Star Bungalow” in 2022.

By Marco Cerullo (33) is a model and known from various reality formats. In 2019, he participated in “Bachelor in Paradise”, in 2020 he moved to the jungle camp.

Christina Grass (33) met her on Marco’s Bachelor in Paradise. They already competed together in the “Couple Challenge” and took second place there.

Star Summer Home 2022: Here are all the other contender couples

These couples are officially in 2022 from the start. Part of “Star Summer House” and fighting for victory. But who will win in the end?

Actor Stephen Dürr and his wife Katharina

Katharina and Stephen Dürr in the star summer house
RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Stephen Durr (47) is an actor, best known for his roles in Unter Uns and In aller Hoffnung. After that, he played in the movie “All That Matters” for three years. Catherine (39 years old) got married and devoted more time to his personal life. Now the couple lives full time – they had twins in 2010.

“Farmer Looking for a Wife” couple Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer

Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer
RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Patrick Romer (26) and his Antonia Hemer (22) met Bauer sucht Frau 2020 They have been the top team ever since. This year, the two have already participated in the “Couple’s Challenge” – so difficult challenges in the summer house are not a problem for the two lovers.

DSDS cult candidate Cosimo Citiolo and Nathalie Gaus

Cosimo Citiolo and Nathalie Gaus im
RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

“Checkers from Neckar” is a nickname Cosimo Citiolo (41) and his partner Nathalie Gauss (31) also arrives at the star bungalow. The former DSDS candidate is sure to have fun. They have been a couple for 2 years.

Cult footballers Mario Basler and Doris Büld

Mario Basler and Doris Büld im
RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Former football professional Mario Basler (53 years old) is moving with his wife Doris Büld (46) to the star bungalow in 2022. in 2015 danced together on Stepping Out TV screens. Now the couple wants to prove that their love can withstand the test.

Reality stars Eric Sindermann and Katharina Hambuechen

Eric Sindermann and Katharina Hambuechen im
RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Eric Sinderman (33) can’t help it and is now moving into the RTL bungalow after appearing on Promi Big Brother 2021. Together…

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