Joko & Klaas vs. ProSieben – Galileo Moderation at its best

+++ Update October 21 +++

The best video of all three Galileo moderations by Joko and Klaas will be online today at 20:15.

I clip: Best of: Yoko and Class Galileo Moderation

+++ Update October 21 +++

New impressions from the set. It’s almost strange that Joko and Klaas look a little familiar in the Galileo studio:

JKP7 - 2022  - Season 5 - Episode 6 - Galileo Host Day 3 (2)
© ProSieben / Benedikt Müller

Series 3: Tonight, 19:05, ProSieben.

+++ Update October 21 +++

That’s how day 2 passed for Joko and Klaas in Galileo

The second day of Galileo moderation by Joko and Klaas went surprisingly well. There are fewer studio giraffes than the day before, but a lively discussion about a cold. In a longer post, the duo explains why we’re actually sick. Full episode here:

Series 2: Thursday – Joko & Klaas explain where the word cold comes from

Our colleagues at Galileo jumped right into the fray again. You can find the latest information at Instagram– and Facebook– Bills.

The third and final episode of Galileo with Joko and Klaas can be seen tonight, 2022. October 21, 7:05 p.m. via ProSieben.

+++ Update October 20 +++

Behind the scenes of Galileo

Colleagues from Galileo accompanied Joko and Klaas to the filming yesterday. Here are some impressions from the studio:

The Galileo team will also accompany Joko and Klaas in the studio today. To see how the cheerleaders are doing on Day 2, check it out Instagram– and FacebookGalileo’s accounts are closed.

+++ Update October 20 +++

Joko and Klaas as ambassadors of knowledge

Galileo with a difference. Last night, Joko and Klaas moderated the first of three episodes of the Galileo news magazine. Even if the format seems a lot more serious than Joko and Klaas know from their usual surroundings, the two entertainers didn’t let any silliness get in the way.

OLYMPIA PROTOCOLS - Series 3: Liberation Test - Full Story - RadioWissen History

Joko’s Galileo: “This whole show is the future”

The show was less than three minutes old when Galileo had already conjured up computer-animated giraffes in Yoko’s studio and drenched his co-worker in an over-the-top cucumber-smelling…er, jar of cucumbers. Joko Winterscheidt, 43, is enthusiastic about the possibilities of the studio: “This is the best thing about the Galileo studio. […]. We don’t just show the technology that comes from the future. This whole show is the future!

How do deep sea fish reproduce?

Later, Joko and Klaas explored the question of how deep-sea fish actually reproduce. To do this, Joko literally dived into the green box. With the help of the studio’s CGI, Galileo editors conjured a 43-year-old man on the seabed, where he pursued the reproductive instinct of a fish. Among other things, Klaas explained with a smile why this is “sexual parasitism”.

If you missed the episode, you can watch it in its entirety here.

The complete Galileo series: Wednesday: Joko & Klaas show how fish reproduce in the deep sea

Episode 2 airs today, October 20, with the third episode featuring the entertainer duo airing tomorrow. As always, Galileo’s ProSieben is open at 7:05 p.m.

+++ Update October 19 +++

First impressions from the studio

Meanwhile, first impressions from the studio. Allow: Your new Galileo moderators:

JKP7 - 2022  - Season 5 - Episode 6 - Joko and Klaas moderate Galileo 2
© ProSieben / Benedikt Müller


Original message:

Joko, Klaas and the news magazine?

Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf are associated with some of the craziest acts in modern TV culture. However, very few viewers will make the association: Joko and Klaas and the news magazine.

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Three days of Galileo moderation

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