‘King of the Palms’: Season 2 begins filming – and SHE stars – News

Season 2 “King of the Palm”. After the first season was so successful, the second part about Matti Adler and his beer eagle is coming soon.

After the great success with the first “King of Palm“(read the real story of the RTL series here) Season 2 is about to begin with the story of the fictitious Mallorcan expat Matthias “Matti” Adler. Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, so it’s even better for fans that RTL is now presenting a second season. Acting is nearby Henning Baum like Matti again Also-Micaela Barucki seen as Bianca. The role of Sylvie Adler does not take over in the second season Sandra Borgmannbut Heike Makatsch.

Heike Makatsch is new to The King of Palma team

“We have a long history with Mallorca – in fact, my dream island has been on this island since I was a child. But for me, Mallorca means less parties and sangria than closeness to nature and peace. Part of my biography has grown together with Mallorca,” actress Heike Makatsch says to RTL . And what does the founder of Bieradler, played by Henning Baum, say? “I’m looking forward to my great new and ‘old’ colleagues and excited to continue telling this exciting story. Matti, his family and the team face new challenges and criminal opponents. I am very excited to see what happens in Bieradler.

Filming is expected to continue until the end of January in Mallorca.

Annet (left Kristina Dorf), Matti Adler (Henning Baum) and Bianca Bärwald (Pia-Micaela Barucki) are fascinated by the ease of life in Spain.

Photo: RTL / Pep Bonet

This is what the 2nd season of “Palma King” is about

It’s 1992. Emigrant Matthias “Matti” Adler established himself in Playa with his “Bieradler”. Tourism is booming, vacationers are flocking to the promenade, and the restaurant is breaking even. Matti wants to seize the moment and push his development, but Playa de Palma is hard-fought territory. The pie may have grown, but the fight for it is still…