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Kranitz – Refunds in case of separation” is a comedy series created with him as well Jan Georg Schutte. The 59-year-old plays therapist Klaus Kranitz, who receives a wide variety of couples in his practice. They turn to him for help with unusual relationship problems.

Kranitz doesn’t have a fixed script! Improvisation is a new experience for Elisa Schlott and Edin Hasanovic

Last year, the first season took place in the media library of NDR and ARD. Season 2 will finally resume on Friday, November 25. In the first episode, Edin Hasanović and Elisa Schlott play a rather unlikely couple – although, strictly speaking, their characters Noah and Celine cannot be called that. Because Kranitz is trying to bring singles together in three therapy sessions with a new app. It all sounds pretty complicated, fun and crazy! And it was the same with shooting. Neither Elisa Schlott nor Edin Hasanović knew what role their colleague played. Because everything is improvised from start to finish!

“We didn’t have a script. We really just knew there were three therapy sessions and a rough guide to where our characters were going. After the first session, we had a week off. During that time we discussed: What happened to the characters? What is the purpose of the characters? What happens between sessions? With that, we started the second session not knowing where we were going,” says Elisa Schlott, alias Celine, in an interview with TV Movie Online.

Edin Hasanović, known as Noah, remembers the time well. Because a colleague made fun of him so that he could improvise the scene better: “Before the second session, Elisa and I met for breakfast at the hotel to talk about what happened to our characters during that time. Then she comes on stage and tells something completely different. Celine [Elisas Figur] talking about how boring the date was supposedly. My facial expression is not played! I was so shocked that my colleague had to lie to me in private to surprise me on camera,” he says, laughing.

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Staying serious with photography? It was extremely difficult for Elisa Schlott and Edin Hasanovic

Neither Edin nor Elisa had participated in such a large improv project before. Therefore, both were very excited before the shooting. But it seems that it was worth it, because they agree: they would do something like this again. But Elisa Schlott still needs some time to get there.

From your first session with Kranitz, you realize that Celine and Noah couldn’t be more different. Noah is an introverted nerd and Celine is an extroverted party mouse. The first meeting between the two singles is hilarious. How did they both manage to stay so serious in their roles during filming?

Kranitz Season 2: Why Edin Hasanovic and Elisa Schlott Pushed Their Limits on Filming
Elisa Schlott plays the really extroverted Celine, and Edinas Hasanović plays the introverted Noah. However, the two seem to have switched roles: Photo: Das Erste

Edin Hasanović laughs: “I was quite good at it. Out of the three of us, I was the biggest loser. I could concentrate for a moment, but if the two somehow surprised, they always threw me off the stage.” Elisa confirms her colleague’s statement: “We didn’t always succeed. When Edin started laughing, he used it for his character. As he suited the stage, he suddenly burst into tears. But sometimes you had to give up and start over.

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Regardless, both actors did well. The episode has been filmed and will be broadcast on NDR on Friday night. During the second and third therapy sessions, the audience realizes that Celine and Noah are getting very close emotionally. Because basically they are not that different. At the end of the series, it is left open whether they will get together and become a happy couple. TV Movie Online asked Edin and Elisa if they could imagine Celina and Noah being happier together.

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“With the help of Kranitz, yes!” By the end of the episode, they both discover a little more about themselves. That’s why they have [Celine und Noah] there’s definitely a chance – they’re not that different,” says Edin. Elisa Schlott also thinks the two could actually do it — with one condition: “It’s nice that they finally get to be a little bit of themselves. You are very…

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