Lily Collins reveals the first photos of season 3

The Netflix series Emily in Paris is a hit not only because of Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo, but also because of the beautiful setting of Paris! And it gets even better: Now you can on Google Maps Emily Cooper’s apartment to discover

Filming of the third season of “Emiles in Paris” began in the summer (we reported). Since then, fans of the Netflix series have been waiting for the streaming service provider to announce a start date. No date yet, but first photos from the set! Lead actress Lily Collins He shared a few snapshots on Instagram and wrote a promising text about it: “Get ready for new looks, new locations and new love triangles…”

The love triangles actress definitely means the love chaos between Emily, chef Gabriel and newbie Alfie. If you haven’t seen the last season, don’t read any further! Emily must decide whether to tell her friend Camille that she slept with Gabriel. Because he will stay in Paris and is interested in Emily. Just as British businessman Alfie would like to have a relationship with Emily. Emily is seen with both men in new Season 3 photos — and the tension is palpable.

When is season 3 coming?

Since Netflix has always released the first two seasons at the end of the year (October 2020 and December 2021), fans are hoping that Emily in Paris Season 3 will arrive before the end of the year. At least he writes Netflix Germany Instagram: “Season 3 coming soon…”

Remember when Lily Collins aka Emily Cooper walked into her apartment in Paris and took a selfie with the amazing view? If so, we have good news, because now you can even discover the apartment from the popular Netflix series on Google Maps! As Lily Collins posted on Instagram: “Emily, we did it! Google Maps confirmed us!”

You can see a map of Paris where Emily Coopers Apartment is marked. how cool is that, please However, it is not entirely clear whether visits are possible at the moment, because the third season of “Emilia in Paris” is being filmed there…

Die Wollnys: Rerun of the docu-soap on TV and online

Fans are eagerly awaiting news about the third season of Emilia in Paris. The second season premiered on Netflix in 2021. December. After some time, the creators of the series confirmed that the 3rd and 4th seasons are planned!

Now it looks like filming is finally starting for the new season as none other than Lily Collins aka Emily is back in the French capital! “I’m very happy to be back in France”writes Lily Collins under her Instagram post, which shows the actress with a big smile at a Paris airport.

Initially, the 33-year-old did not return to the set of the Netflix series. As seen in an Instagram post, Lily Collins was greeted at the airport by her advertising partner Lancome with a huge banner. But: soon after that, Madame Collins went to the filming of Emily in Paris, as she announced in another post. Filming has finally started!

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