Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power: All Female Directors Season 2

The first live series of the Lord of the Rings saga JRR Tolkien is a gigantic object of prestige and great success Amazon. Millions of Prime customers celebrated the return to Middle-earth. It is true that the series and Peter Jackson movies Each with different licenses, the locations of Rings of Power still feel familiar and well executed. Amazon has had the series from the beginning five seasons created and since you want to post new episodes as soon as possible, 2022 filming for further episodes began in England and New Zealand in October.

All female directors of Lord of the Rings Season 2, The Rings of Power

Or that in the second season Lord of the Rings ‘Rings of Power’ headline-worthy all-female director? In a time when, unfortunately, it is still a special thing when a director takes the scepter to a Multimillion dollar production takes over, of course.

Who is directing the second season Lord of the Rings power rings? One of the three filmmakers is Charlotte Brandström. The Swedish-French director has a lot of experience. Besides the Netflix series Witches she directed the filming of two episodes of the first season of Rings of Power.

Sana Hamri is an American director of Moroccan descent. Among other things, she was already working American Horror Stories With. She also directed Music clips Mariah Carey, Prince, Jay-Z and the A*Teens. British Louise Hooper directed, among others Sandman and Netflix series The Witcher..

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