Marble Mania is back for a third season

Marble Obsession with Chris Tall - Image: TVNOW/W.  Rutten

Marble Obsession with Chris Tall

Image: TVNOW/W. Route

At the beginning of the next year, RTL goes out of business again “Marmel’s Mania” and once again the “German Marble Championship” is the prelude to the new season “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”. Four new episodes of The Show with Chris Tall will air on RTL every Friday at 20:15 from 2023. January 13 Immediately after that, he leaves for the jungle.

The notable candidates, who are yet to be revealed, are playing for a good cause. The fourth episode again acts as the grand finale, where the winners of the first three editions will enter. Winning the relay would increase the prize pool accordingly. Also a big profit for the studio audience, at least if you bet on the right marble.

RTL has announced new challenges and spectacular marble runs, but the popular challenges from seasons one and two will also return. Talpa Entertainment Productions is developing the third season of Murmelo Mania in collaboration with RTL Studios on behalf of RTL in the Netherlands.

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